Single Review: Mr. Grossman Featuring Patrick Ames – F.W.I.W.

Newcomer Mr. Grossman released his latest single, F.W.I.W. And the songwriter and producer is joined by veteran Patrick Ames on his latest track. So what can listeners expect?

Mr. Grossman Announces Arrival on New Single

Mr. Grossman announces his presence on the scene in a big way with his latest single, F.W.I.W. The inspiration behind this track comes from the January 6 riots and the storming of the capitol. And just like the inspiration from which this track was born, there’s an organized chaos to the musicality that permeates the listening experience.

Meanwhile, even though this is just a single from Mr. Grossman, it’s potent, and packs enough punch for several tracks worth of material. And this is certainly a big way to announce your arrival on the scene.

Controlled Chaos at its Best

As soon as the track begins, F.W.I.W. announces itself with an unmistakable groove. Funky bass meets an assortment of minor chords to set the mood instantly. Meanwhile, Patrick Ames lends his lyrical poetry to the track to really round it out.

But even if the vocals were not part of it, this track functions beautifully as a standalone instrumental. And it’s clear that Mr. Grossman knows his craft when it comes to infectious melodies that will get people moving.

Certainly, not all listeners may like Patrick Ames’ half-spoken, half-sung vocal style. But, paired with Mr. Grossman’s grooves, the track as a whole delivers in a big way.

Patrick Ames: The Virtualistics
Patrick Ames: The Virtualistics – used with permission

Patrick Ames Keeping Busy

Even though Patrick Ames is a feature on this latest single from Mr. Grossman, Ames is a prolific artist in his own right. In fact, Patrick Ames recently released his full-length album, The Virtualistics.

And in this case, it’s undeniable that Patrick Ames and Mr. Grossman work well together. Indeed, more than anything else, it’s evident based on this track alone that Mr. Grossman has a next-level understanding of songcraft, as his melodies and grooves on F.W.I.W. are top-notch – and will likely stay with listeners long after the track ends.

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