Album Review: Eric Harrison – Dear John

New Jersey-based singer/songwriter Eric Harrison dishes a healthy dose of Americana on his latest record – the five-track EP, Dear John. So what can listeners expect from this latest offering?

Eric Harrison Releases New EP

Dear John opens with Till You Make Me Home. And right out of the gate, Eric Harrison’s upbeat melodies will put a smile on your face. There’s a feel-good quality to this opening number that’s undeniable, like a cool drink on a hot summer day. And when you consider that the inspiration for this record was the late John Prine, it certainly makes sense.

Meanwhile, Eric Harrison keeps the same vibe going on the second track, Cougar Jenny. For lack of a better term, there’s something nostalgic about Eric Harrison’s music. And even if this is a first listen, you’ll feel like you’ve heard his songs before – in a good way.

Eric Harrison: Dear John
Eric Harrison: Dear John – used with permission

Dear John is Heavy on the Nostalgia

Eric Harrison draws from country, folk, bluegrass, and more to capture his nostalgic sound. And it’s not hard to hear John Prine echoing in the background in terms of the well of inspiration Harrison draws from.

And even if this style of music isn’t exactly your cup of tea, there’s a relaxing quality to the songs on Dear John that instantly takes you to another place and another time. One thing for sure is that Eric Harrison knows his audience and his formula – and he executes his artistry flawlessly.

Dear John a Fitting Tribute

The inspiration for this record was born roughly a week after COVID-19 took John Prine. Appropriately titled Dear John, this five-track EP is a fitting tribute to the legend from start to finish. And there are scattered references to the country music legend throughout that fans will surely pick up on.

As one might expect, fans of John Prine, James Taylor, and the like will surely find a place for this record in their collection. And overall, this is a fitting homage to the legendary musician.

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