‘My 600-lb Life’: Laura Perez – Where is She Now?

My 600-lb Life celeb Laura Perez was in dire need of life-saving help when she finally appeared in her TLC episode with Dr Younan Nowzaradan. So where is she today?

My 600-lb Life: Laura Perez’ TLC Journey

Laura Perez lost a significant amount of weight since sharing her weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life. She was one of several people who weighed around 600 pounds and were desperate to change their life. As a result, Dr Now places them on a strict diet and fitness regimen in order for them to lose weight.

Laura progressed over the course of her episode. And she came a long way, considering she started out wheelchair-bound and weighing 594 pounds. Even so, she was determined to keep going till she reached her goal.

My 600 lb Life: Laura Perez
My 600-lb Life: Laura Perez/YouTube

TLC Celeb Dealt with Trauma & More

Laura detailed her difficult background, saying she was abused as a youngster. She never notified her parents that she was being touched inappropriately and began to eat a lot of food to feel better. However, it was wreaking havoc on her health, and she risked spending the rest of her days in a wheelchair – and breathing through an oxygen tank. Moreover, she knew she had to give up her food addiction after meeting Dr Nowzaradan.

Laura had weight loss surgery, but there was a complication, and she ended up with pneumonia, which nearly killed her. But even with that near-fatal setback, she was able to regain her strength. But, problems arose in her marriage the more she progressed on her weight loss journey.

Where is My 600-lb Life Celeb Today?

Laura was able to lose the 50 pounds required in order to have weight loss surgery. But, Dr Now discovered Laura’s spleen and liver were still enlarged during the procedure, making the bypass impossible. So he conducted a gastrectomy instead, removing 80 percent of her stomach. And by the end of her My 600-lb Life episode, Laura lost 237 pounds – bringing her overall weight to 357 pounds.

During her follow-up, she disclosed that she lost 336 pounds and thus qualified for gastric bypass surgery after shedding more than half of her initial weight. Meanwhile, Laura also intended to get her excess skin removed.

Laura went from a My 600-lb Life high of 594 pounds to a low of 182 pounds. And she also ended up divorcing her ex-husband Joey. In addition, it looks like she married someone else.

As My 600-lb Life fans remember, Joey urged her to stay at home like she had before, even though she wanted to be more independent and get a job after losing the weight. And, not surprisingly, this caused their marriage to fall apart, and they ultimately decided to divorce.

It turns out the My 600-lb Life celeb married her new guy in 2018. And in addition to having children together, it looks like Laura found the right person to be there for her and support her after all.

Unfortunately, though, tragedy struck in 2021 for Laura Perez. It turns out the My 600-lb Life celeb passed away in November 2021. An in memoriam update at the time didn’t disclose the cause of her death. But it’s always tragic to hear news of someone passing – especially after she put so much effort into turning her life around.

My 600-lb Life: Laura Perez
My 600-lb Life: Laura Perez

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