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Single Review: Amo Jr. – Emotions

Single Review: Amo Jr. – Emotions
Amo Jr: Emotions

Hamburg-based singer/songwriter Amo Jr. recently released a brand new single – Emotions.  The new single is available on all streaming platforms. So how does it stack up?

Amo Jr. Releases Emotional New Single

Emotions from Amo Jr. starts off with soft piano and all the makings of a ballad. It’s clear that the singer/songwriter pours his “emotions” out in his work. Interestingly, this single has a lullaby quality that could easily lull listeners into a soothing state of mind.

Meanwhile, Amo Jr. originally wanted to release a dance track as a single. But the video creator he wanted to work with didn’t “feel that song”. And instead, they went a completely different route with Emotions.

When listening to Emotions, it’s hard to imagine that the original plan was to release a dance track. Because, this ballad is vastly different from anything one would consider dance. So if nothing else, the fact that Amo Jr. can switch gears between genres is a testament to his artistry.

Amo Jr: Emotions
Amo Jr: Emotions – used with permission

Is Emotions Worth a Listen?

Amo Jr. grew up in Ghana during a turbulent time in the region. And no doubt, those experiences permeate his music. Certainly, it’s a risk at times to release a ballad as a single. Especially because more people may be open to listening to the original dance track that was on the slate.

There’s no denying that Amo Jr. puts his all into his music. But even though Emotions is a deeply personal number, it may miss the mark with the masses. As a listener, Emotions is even-keel, and a bit one-note from start to finish. So even though it does pack an emotional, heartfelt punch, if you’re waiting for the music to grip you and finish in a climactic fashion, Emotions falls flat in that regard.

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