‘My 600-lb Life’: David Nelson Update – Shirtless & Living in a Van?

My 600-lb Life watchers first saw David Nelson in the recently-concluded season of the TLC show. And these days, it looks like he is living in a van. So what else do we know about him since filming wrapped on his episode?

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson Faced a Tough Road

Recent My 600-lb Life cast member David Nelson struggled at the beginning of his TLC episode. And, like everyone else TLC films for the show, David had a variety of reasons for being in the shape he was in when the cameras arrived. To put it bluntly, he had a difficult start in life from the outset.

David Nelson told My 600-lb Life cameras that he was born to his mother when she was only 13 years old. And because his father was absent, he was placed in foster care. As it turned out, he was still living with his foster mother at the age of 30, and she appears to be the only constant in his life.

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson
My 600-lb Life: David Nelson/YouTube

TLC Celeb Had to Dig Deep – Faced Setbacks

David Nelson, who arrived in Houston weighing 763 pounds, knew he had a long road ahead of him if he wanted to succeed and reduce his weight. Meanwhile, he ate his fair share of fast food on his way to meet Dr Now. And he made sure he grabbed 27 jalapeño poppers in one scene. Because it qualified as a “vegetable” in his eyes.

Moreover, after initially losing weight, he regained a significant amount of it, delaying his progress even more. Dr Now then scheduled David for counseling to unload years of trauma and get to the source of his issues. However, he was ultimately denied weight loss surgery due to his failure to reach the goals set forth by Dr Now. And because of this, many viewers wonder if he stayed on track since filming wrapped.

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson
My 600-lb Life: David Nelson/YouTube

Where is My 600-lb Life Celeb Since Filming?

Since David Nelson’s My 600-lb Life episode aired, viewers have been curious about how he is doing. And based on the latest updates from him, he certainly leads an interesting life these days. David appears to have traded in apartment living for van life. And he seems to be happy with his unorthodox living arrangement.

The TLC celeb often shares pics from inside his van – as well as in and around various beaches in Texas. If nothing else, it seems the former Idahoan has adjusted well to life in the Lone Star state. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like he has given his My 600-lb Life fans a weight-loss update recently.

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson
My 600-lb Life: David Nelson/Instagram

However, he does say in updates that he is still going to the gym. And judging by his plates of food that he shares on social media, he appears to be eating healthy as well. So even though there doesn’t appear to be a current number on the scale for him, it certainly looks like he is maintaining the healthy habits he learned under Dr Now.

And because he was denied weight loss surgery in his My 600-lb Life episode, if and when he gets approved for it is certainly something to keep an eye on. But, in the meantime, it’s clear he enjoys the beach life while living in a van. If nothing else, the weather in Texas is vastly different from what he is used to in Idaho – and he seems to have adjusted quite well.

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