‘7 Little Johnstons’: Emma Johnston Struts In Bikini – Shows Too Much?

7 Little Johnstons celeb Emma Johnston is gearing up for summer in her latest beachwear. But according to her recent pics, some viewers think the high school student went a little too far.

7 Little Johnstons: Emma Johnston Living Her Best Life

As 7 Little Johnstons fans know, Emma is one of Trent and Amber’s adopted children. And this season on the TLC show, she and her brother Alex get more attention with the older children moved out of the family home. Meanwhile, whether it’s on-camera or in real-time, Emma lives her life to the fullest.

Emma’s parents, Trent and Amber, recently celebrated 27 years together as a couple. And in her own way, Emma has a lot of things to celebrate, too. As fans know, she has a successful jewelry shop on Etsy with over 1000 sales.

In addition to that, many 7 Little Johnstons fans say she grows up too fast. Meanwhile, based on the latest series of pics the teen shared on social media, some viewers think she went a little too far.

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston - Alex Johnston - Emma Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston – Alex Johnston – Emma Johnston/Instagram

Emma Showing Skin – Did She Go Too Far?

By and large, Emma Johnston is a young girl enjoying her teen years. Some of the activities she likes to do include making TikTok videos, attending events with her family, and more. But based on her recent antics, some fans think she stepped out of line.

Emma Johnston shared a series of pics recently with her 7 Little Johnstons fans. And even though she had fun as teenagers do, many viewers think she went a little extra. Based on the latest images making the rounds, Emma shows off a good amount of skin – and according to some fans, she shows off a little too much.

In addition, Emma strikes some suggestive poses – along with sticking her tongue out with her bestie while scantily clad. And certainly, while this could be nothing more than a pair of teens having fun, some watchers worry that she went overboard.

7 Little Johnstons: Emma Johnston
7 Little Johnstons: Emma Johnston

Little People Big World: Should Trent & Amber Put Their Foot Down?

As 7 Little Johnstons fans that follow Emma Johnston on social media know, she has close to 500k followers. And, with suggestive pics like those in her recent update, some fans worry for Emma’s safety.

Certainly, it’s possible that some 7 Little Johnstons fans may get the wrong idea from these suggestive pics. And because Emma Johnston is only 16 years old, some viewers think Trent and Amber should put their foot down a little more regarding what she shares online.

Either way, it’s clear Emma Johnston is ready for summer. And regardless of what some fans may think of her style choices, many agree that she has the beach look down.

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