’90 Day Fiance’: Was Anny & Robert’s Son Sick Before His Death?

Anny Francisco and Robert Springs of 90 Day Fiance are still grieving the death of their seven-month-old baby, Adriel. Meanwhile, Anny recently spoke about her son’s terrible death. So, what did she say?

90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs & Anny Francisco Mourn Harrowing Loss

The sudden death of Anny and Robert’s baby boy, Adriel Hassan, has shocked the whole 90 Day Fiance community. Anny recently broke the news of the tragedy. She termed it one of the “worst days” of her life, which is understandable.

Likewise, Robert Springs’ life has also been turned upside down by the death of his son. With his son’s death, the father of seven is now a father of six. And in the aftermath, he strives to make sense of this horrible tragedy.

90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs - Anny Francisco
90 Day Fiance: Robert Springs – Anny Francisco/YouTube

Was Adriel Hassan Sick Before His Death?

After barely a few hours together in the Dominican Republic, Robert Springs proposed to Anny Francisco. Despite Anny’s initial struggles adjusting to life in America, the pair developed a life together that they are both content with. In addition, Anny demonstrated that she could be a mother figure to Bryson, Robert’s young son.

Moreover, Anny and Robert were living life and growing their family before tragedy struck. Adriel’s death came as a shock to the entire 90 Day Fiance community. Anny Francisco hinted that her son suffered from a cardiac problem. In addition, fans who have been following Adriel’s story know that he was in and out of the hospital during his short life.

Meanwhile, while it’s unknown what his exact operation was for or if there were any difficulties during the procedure, it appears that the heart condition that his mother alluded to was the cause of his death – far too soon.

Remembering her son after his passing, Anny said that Adriel was a “fighter”. But, unfortunately, his heart “couldn’t take it”. Some fans speculated that Adriel had cancer. But from the looks of it, Adriel had a pre-existing heart condition that ultimately led to his passing.

It’s possible that more information will be released in the following weeks. However, it’s understandable that Anny and Robert are experiencing unfathomable anguish as they adjust to life without their son.

90 Day Fiance: Adriel
90 Day Fiance: Adriel/Instagram

90 Day Fiance Pair Adjust to New Reality

Shortly after Adriel’s passing, Anny Francisco shared a series of photos taken before his untimely death. The series of heartbreaking photos hits even harder knowing what happened to the baby boy. And since his passing, the 90 Day Fiance community as a whole is still reeling from this unspeakable tragedy.

Anny Francisco and Robert Springs are one of the most popular 90 Day Fiance couples. And, in the aftermath of this colossal tragedy, the entire TLC community rallies around them. Fans and fellow cast members continue to send prayers and condolences. Certainly, this is a prime example of the community pulling together to support the couple as they cope with their loss.

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