‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy Slaton Pregnancy Update – Hints at Baby Name?

1000-lb Sisters fans know that Amy Slaton is pregnant with her second baby boy. Meanwhile, Tammy Slaton’s sister recently gave her followers a pregnancy update that has many fans talking.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton & Michael Halterman Prepare for Baby

With all of the drama that 1000-lb Sisters brings, Amy Slaton and her husband, Michael Halterman, are still going strong in their marriage. Even though they officially wed in 2019, they’ve been in each other’s lives much longer than that. Meanwhile, in March, the couple celebrated their latest wedding anniversary.

In addition to being happily married and parents to Gage, the big news of late is Amy and Michael adding another baby boy to their family. Since initially breaking the pregnancy news, Amy Slaton keeps her 1000-lb Sisters fans in the loop regarding pregnancy updates – and she did so recently as well.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Michael Halterman
1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton – Michael Halterman/Instagram

Amy Pregnancy Update – Did They Decide on a Name?

Based on the most recent 1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton pregnancy update, Tammy Slaton’s TLC sister is 25 weeks pregnant. And that leaves roughly 13 weeks to go before Amy and Michael meet the newest addition to their family. Certainly, viewers are excited to meet Gage’s baby brother as well.

Along with sharing her status update, Amy Slaton also let fans in on the naming process for the newest member of her family with Michael. Initially, fans thought they’d name their baby John. But according to Amy, they ended up not liking that moniker for him.

Meanwhile, Amy Slaton did give her 1000-lb Sisters fans clues regarding their process. Apparently, they have a few names in mind. But they won’t settle on one officially until the baby arrives. Interestingly, Tammy Slaton’s sister added that his name would likely keep with the horror theme to match his brother, Gage. So it’ll certainly be interesting to see what they settle on.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton
1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton/YouTube

1000-lb Sisters Pair Still Going Strong

Many fans wonder about the status of 1000-lb Sisters Season 4. Meanwhile, with a new baby on the way, some viewers suspect Amy might not return if there is a new season so she can focus instead on her family. Also, she recently stirred up controversy over supporting a Georgia band called Confederate Railroad. In addition, one of her relatives wore a Trump hat, leading some to call for her to exit the show.

Regardless of what the status of Season 4 is at the moment, it’s clear Amy is living her best life as she waits on her son to join the family. And no matter what anyone thinks of her, she keeps on keeping on – and for those that support her, that’s something viewers respect.

All in all, only a few weeks remain before Amy and Michael’s son is here – and Gage is officially promoted to big brother. So it’s worth keeping an eye on these updates, especially as Amy Slaton’s due date draws near.

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