‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Gives Post-Surgery Update – Still on Crutches

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold went in for hip revision surgery back in February. And at the time, she said her healing process would take longer than expected. So what’s the latest on Bill Klein’s wife’s recovery?

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Went Under the Knife in February

Back in February, The Little Couple family was adjusting to their new home in Boston when Jen’s hip gave out. Certainly, this was not an ideal time for something like this to happen – especially not during a cross-country move. But, the one good thing was that Jen was closer to NYC – where she and Bill have the majority of their surgeries done.

Luckily, everything went well with Jennifer Arnold’s surgery. But there were some mishaps in the aftermath. For one, Bill Klein’s wife told her followers that her recovery process would take longer than expected. And with updates few and far between from Jen in the last few weeks, she finally updated The Little Couple fans on the status of her recovery.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Judy Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Judy Arnold/Instagram

Bill Klein’s Wife Updates Fans on Recovery

Six weeks out of surgery, Jennifer Arnold reflected on what a difficult process recovery has been. As a result of her hip revision surgery, she had a “small pelvic fracture”. In addition, she hasn’t been able to put any weight on her leg since the surgery. But on the bright side, in the grand scheme of all the surgeries she has had in her life, Jen said that this one and the recovery have been a “piece of cake”.

In addition to updating her The Little Couple fans, Jennifer Arnold shared a picture at the doctor’s office in New York City. And in the pic, you can see that Jen still relies on crutches to get around. Still, all things considered, the TLC star keeps a positive attitude about everything – even though there were some unexpected complications during the healing process.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold/Instagram

The Little Couple Star Looking Forward to Walking Again

Of course, recovering from surgery would throw a wrench into anyone’s plans – especially as a “busy mom” like Jen is. And along with that, she started a new job in Boston – which was the primary reason for the move to New England from Florida. Bill Klein’s wife told her The Little Couple fans that this period of recovery time has been “extra challenging”. And after everything she has been through recently, that’s certainly understandable.

All things considered, Jennifer Arnold is “all healed” and she can “begin the process of walking again”. So that’s certainly something to look forward to for the TLC star. Meanwhile, the next step for Jen is physical therapy. And as she gets ready for this phase of the recovery process, she added that she can’t wait to do the “little things” in life that many take for granted – including running around with Zoey and Will, driving to work, and even cleaning the house.

Either way, it looks like Jennifer Arnold is well on her way to being back to her old self. And considering everything she had to get through to get to this point, this is certainly welcome news for her and her many The Little Couple followers.

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