‘7 Little Johnstons’: What is the Johnston Family Net Worth in 2022?

7 Little Johnstons returned for Season 11, and fans are glad there’s a new season to dig into. Meanwhile, despite talk of cancelation, it doesn’t look like the show is going anywhere just yet. Even though, as viewers see, many of the older kids moved out of Trent and Amber’s home.

After running for years, many 7 Little Johnstons fans wonder what the net worth of the family is in 2022. After all, as each season goes by, the cast earns more money. That is, of course, unless you happen to be Sister Wives star Kody Brown – who negotiated a drop in pay to keep his long-running series on the air.

7 Little Johnstons Season 11 on the Air

Many TLC fans slammed Amber and Trent Johnston over the years. The family dynamic seems to be positive for Jonah and Liz, their biological children, but less so for the rest. Moreover, some fans even believe Amber doesn’t like Anna.

Last season on 7 Little Johnstons, fans saw that Anna finally got her way and moved out of the house. That left only Emma and Alex at home. However, Joose, who fans met right at the end of Season 10, now lives temporarily with the family. He’s from Finland, and he hopes to improve his English by spending time with the family in America.

7 Little Johnstons fans seem to love what Joose brings to the family dynamic. And as he learns English and is exposed to American customs, the cultural differences provide some laughs. Additionally, fans seem relieved that there’s less emphasis on Trent and Amber sparking up their love life. After all, that’s really not what most fans want to see.

TLC Family Net Worth In 2022

Back in 2017, the 7 Little Johnstons family was worth about $2 million. Apparently, they earn between $24K to $45K per episode. So if nothing else, it certainly makes sense to want to keep filming and pulling in that paycheck. In fact, only a few months separated Season 10 and Season 11 of the show.

Meanwhile, with so many people filming, the money has to stretch a long way. Even so, it doesn’t at all seem like the 7 Little Johnstons are pinching pennies. So perhaps that’s why Trent could afford to follow his son Jonah into the car sales business – since they’re not under any threat of living paycheck to paycheck with what TLC pays them.

Based on the latest reports in 2022, the family is now worth a million dollars more than they were in 2017. So if nothing else, they’ve managed to increase their wealth to $3 million in 2022. However, other estimates put their net worth anywhere between $1 – $5 million. So regardless of where they actually fall on this scale, they’re certainly not hurting for cash.

Will 7 Little Johnstons Continue?

There has been a lot of speculation of late that 7 Little Johnstons would soon ride off into the sunset. And while there has been no official word yet that the show got the ax, something Emma Johnston shared recently has some viewers concerned. Amber and Trent’s daughter said the family was filming 20 more episodes – and that after that, it would be a wrap.

Assuming the math is correct, that could potentially be up to two more seasons of the show before they call it quits. So, if nothing else, this news is bittersweet for longtime fans of the TLC program. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the 7 Little Johnstons family could change their mind. But even if they don’t, it’s clear that they’ve made bank from the show – which certainly leaves them with enough capital to pursue other ventures if and when the TLC show officially wraps.

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