‘Sister Wives’: Is Meri Brown Faking it for the Cameras?

Sister Wives celebrity Christine Brown landed her own cooking show, and Meri, Kody Brown’s first wife, dissed her for it on her Fridays With Friends podcast. Meanwhile, folks who follow the TLC show expected a different reaction from Meri Brown, as the two women share something in common.

Both of them grew unhappy with Kody – who withheld intimacy. However, some people think that Meri’s an expert at faking it for the cameras. Is she that estranged from Kody? Or is she just great at playing two roles: Miserable Meri and Positive Patty?

Sister Wives: Fans See Two Different Personalities With Meri Brown

For years now, fans have seen Meri looking miserable and distraught over her spiritual husband. Yet, the TLC show repeatedly presents her as overly desperate for Kody’s attention. Meanwhile, he spurns her and disses her on national TV. However, it seems like the public humiliation is no problem for the other Meri that fans see on social media.

Like a perky wind-up toy, TLC fans see her on social media, racking up the Positive Patty smiles and giggling while appearing slightly tipsy. Over the years, Sister Wives fans know that Meri has reached milestones that would make it easy for her to move along. In fact, she could probably break free from her polygamous life much easier than Christine. After all, she owns her own Bed and Breakfast and has been successful with her LuLaRoe business.

And yet, she stays on with Kody, looking like the aunt nobody wants at their wedding. So is she faking a bad relationship for the show? Or conversely, is she faking cheerful Meri to grow her brand? Many TLC fans would like to see the “real” Meri stand up for once. And while fans know many TV shows have elements of scripting, is Meri so into her role that she can turn her different personas on and off with ease?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Meri Brown – Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Janelle Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives Critics Suspect Meri Fakes a Lot for the Cameras

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that people wonder who the real Meri is. After all, she’s miserable and sulking and almost in tears as often as Robyn Brown on TLC. But then she takes to social media like an ecstatic teenager on the first day of spring break. And because of this, many Sister Wives fans think she fakes it for the cameras.

A Sister Wives viewer recently raised the subject of how Meri sometimes seems as if she’s been drinking during her Fridays With Friends podcast. One fan added: “I don’t know about drunk but she is so obnoxious on these shows. I think she’s overdoing it, trying to be super peppy”.

Meanwhile, they continued: “I can only handle watching a few minutes of it. It’s such a different Meri than we see on the show. She always seems to be depressed or sulking. Never ever this level of upbeat. So to me, it seems fake. Who’s the real Meri?”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown/YouTube

Is Kody’s First Wife Drunk or a Good Actor?

Many Sister Wives fans agree that very little seems real about Meri Brown. One follower suggested that she uses edibles – and that perhaps she is “over-projecting.” Meanwhile, another agreed that Meri could be “high”.

Whatever Sister Wives fans see off-camera appears vastly different from what they see on the TLC show. Perhaps Meri Brown slips into the persona she feels the cameras need to see. And maybe she has gotten good at doing that over the years. Either way, whatever the case may be, it’s clear that many viewers find the many faces of Meri Brown unnerving.

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