Single Review: Nick de la Hoyde – Devotion

Sydney-based Alternative Pop artist Nick de la Hoyde has carved out quite the career for himself with a number of releases under his belt. Meanwhile, his latest single, Devotion, is certainly worth a listen.

Who is Nick de la Hoyde?

Nick de la Hoyde is an award-winning musician based in Australia. And even if you haven’t heard of him, there’s no denying that he has been hard at work ironing out his craft. Meanwhile, his latest effort is a family affair, as his brothers helped write and record his latest single, Devotion.

In addition to being an award-winning musician, Nick de la Hoyde has shared the stage with contemporary heavy-hitters like Post Malone and Travis Scott. And based on his latest single, it’s easy to see why he has grabbed the attention of so many listeners.

Nick de la Hoyde: Devotion
Nick de la Hoyde: Devotion – used with permission

Nick de la Hoyde Devoted to His Art

Devotion kicks off with a melodic hook that will have listeners grooving to it before the chorus even kicks in. Meanwhile, early on, it’s clear that de la Hoyde has an understanding of melody and song structure – as well as how to blend those things for maximum effect.

Electronic elements merge with Nick de la Hoyde’s piercing falsetto to really cement the track and bring it home. And not surprisingly, if one were to hear this on the radio, it’s the sort of track that sticks with you and gets stuck in your head in the best possible way.

Artist Reflects on the Meaning Behind New Single

In Nick de la Hoyde’s words, Devotion is about the “drive” and “ambition” to reach your ultimate goal. Being devoted to the process is a key part of being successful in whatever it is you do. And it’s clear that Nick de la Hoyde understands that – and that he applies it to his music.

In addition, the way he sees it, finding the “right person” in your life can “open your eyes” to the journey you shut yourself off from. And in doing so, one can learn to enjoy the process and the struggle en route to that final destination. Meanwhile, whatever part of the journey Nick de la Hoyde is on, it’s clear that he will continue going places if he keeps things up.

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