Album Review: Walking Apollo – You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc.

Walking Apollo is made for radio play – and nowhere is that more apparent than on the Indie Folk outfit’s latest offering, You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc.

Walking Apollo Radio-Ready on You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc.

Every once in a while, as a listener, you come across a band/album that you know is ready for the airwaves. Meanwhile, Walking Apollo is exactly such an act. From the moment the harmonica rings out to introduce the opening track of their latest record, it’s clear that they’ve got something special going for them.

Mellow acoustic guitars build on that harmonica opener to set the tone early. Meanwhile, Christina Rotondo’s soaring vocals add an angelic quality to the instrumentation Buddy Taccolini arranges. And as a whole, Walking Apollo is instantly reminiscent of popular acts like Lady A.

Buddy Taccolini: Walking Apollo
Buddy Taccolini: Walking Apollo – used with permission

You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc. a Solid Effort

Impossible: The Fairytale Of Campus Martius Park has a very distinct Counting Crows vibe. Taccolini’s vocals take front and center, giving listeners the male perspective in a way that builds on similar themes of the opener while offering a different take. Overall, it’s a solid showcase of the versatility this band has.

Meanwhile, Sew has undeniable Paramore vibes circa 2005. This is the most uptempo track halfway through the record – complete with a killer guitar solo. So, if nothing else, Walking Apollo proves that they are not limited to one style and that they’re comfortable mixing things up.

Does This Record Deliver?

The one criticism that might come up for listeners of this record is that, at times, it feels a bit disjointed. Walking Apollo goes from uptempo to ballad with each new track. And because of this, it may be difficult for some listeners to get into. At times the tempo shifts from track to track feel jarring. But, if you can get past that as a listener, there are certainly a few gems in this small collection of songs.

Ultimately, whether or not Walking Apollo pulls listeners back for repeat listens, You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc. is certainly a solid effort that showcases what this band can do. But, even though they hit all the right notes and understand what works in terms of song structure and execution, there may be elements lacking for some in terms of replay value.

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