Album Review: Arnab Sengupta – Leap of Faith

Arnab Sengupta takes his listeners on a journey on his third album, Leap of Faith. Meanwhile, listeners are in good hands with Sengupta as their guide on this sonic journey.

Arnab Sengupta Guides Listeners Across the Sonic Spectrum

For any listeners unfamiliar with Arnab Sengupta’s work, one might expect an album like Leap of Faith to be filled with New Age themes and spiritual undertones. Meanwhile, the record is surprisingly groovy. So much so that some listeners may be taken aback by it.

Face in the Crowd kicks the record off with jazz stylings and grooves in abundance. It’s uptempo right out of the gate – which is a great way to introduce the record. Indeed, it takes a certain panache to make your album opener almost five minutes long. Meanwhile, Arnab Sengupta does exactly this – and pulls it off with ease.

Arnab Sengupta: Leap of Faith
Arnab Sengupta: Leap of Faith – used with permission

Leap of Faith Puts Everything from Arnab Sengupta on Display

In contrast to the album opener, Arnab Sengupta switches gears in a major way with This Way. Sengupta pulls things back for a more intimate look at his songwriting process and execution – including a tasteful, beautifully played guitar solo midway through the track. And, early on in this record, it’s a standout track.

One thing that’s apparent with each track on Leap of Faith is that Arnab Sengupta doesn’t limit himself to one style. Instead, each track stands on its own in a way that’s incredibly unique. This can make Sengupta’s work hard to place and categorize. And perhaps that’s by design – a mystery wrapped in an enigma, recorded, and put on an album.

Should Listeners Take This Leap of Faith with Sengupta?

Although Arnab Sengupta has a wide range of musical interests, it could be that the eclectic display on Leap of Faith is too wide for the casual listener. Each track stands on its own. But that could potentially be a negative thing for those wanting a more cohesive listening experience.

Meanwhile, there’s also the fact that certain stylistic choices may come across as over the top and a little too gratuitous for some. Certainly, Arnab Sengupta is very niche when it comes to the type of audience Leap of Faith is suited for. And outside of that target demographic, the record as a whole may fall flat.

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