Album Review: Perry – Maximize

Artist Max Clemmons Jr plays under the moniker Perry to deliver smooth jazz soundscapes ideal for a study session or a time to unwind. And his latest, Maximize, offers that to the fullest.

Perry: Smooth Jazz with a Twist

Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or a casual listener, Max Clemmons brings a little something to the party for everyone on Maximize. The eight-track outing runs the gamut of what you might expect from a smooth jazz record. But there are also a number of surprises listeners may not anticipate.

Meanwhile, the album opener, Do You, does just that. The song comes through with a catchy groove right out of the gate – laying the foundation for this introduction to the album. Soothing piano and bass grooves are a standout early. But it’s the gritty guitar solo midway through that really brings this track home. All in all, a solid effort to hook listeners.

Perry Keeps Listeners Guessing on Maximize

Just when you think you might have Perry pegged based on the opening track, Max Clemmons comes through with Dinner Table. The follow-up track has a decidedly more hip/hop lean. And while there are similar elements when compared to Do You, Dinner Table has a more noticeable bounce to it that’ll get listeners wanting to move to the grooves.

Musically, the track is on point. It’s upbeat enough to energize listeners without being too distracting. And a track like this could easily serve as a morning pick me up prior to and during a working session. Certainly, it’s hard not to get caught up in the groove – and that’s definitely a good thing.

Max Clemmons Showcases Versatility on Maximize

Even if this style of music may not be in your wheelhouse, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the versatility and artistry of this record. After going upbeat for several tracks, Clemmons slows things down with soothing saxophone and sexy grooves on Baby Making Music – a fitting title while approaching the midway point of the record.

Certainly, this record has all the elements one might expect from this genre – as well as a few surprises you might not be able to predict. And whether you use it in the background during a work or study session, or whether you put it on to help you sleep, there’s no denying that Clemmons puts his full range on display on this record, and he most definitely hits the mark.

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