‘Sister Wives’: Everything to Know About Christine Brown’s New Spinoff

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown is getting her own spinoff show after years on TLC. What do we know so far about the brand new episodes?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Kicked Kody Brown to the Curb

After years of marriage to Kody Brown, Christine Brown finally had enough in Season 16 of Sister Wives. As viewers are aware, the only wife Kody doesn’t seem to be estranged from is Robyn Brown. And in the meantime, Kody was no longer intimate with Christine. And while a lack of intimacy might be something that Meri Brown is okay with, Christine wasn’t having it.

As Christine Brown revealed in the recent Sister Wives Tell-All, she was tired of feeling like a “basement wife”. She said that she put the needs of everyone else ahead of her own – and eventually, that started to wear on her. And as watchers see, it got to a point where calling it quits with Kody was the only option for Christine to regain a sense of peace.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Christine Brown – Kody Brown

TLC Fans Applaud Christine for Breaking Free

Sister Wives fans have watched Kody’s relationships with Meri, Janelle, and Christine deteriorate over the years. Yet, Christine seems to be the only one to drastically change her circumstances. Meanwhile, Meri Brown continues to hang around when the majority of viewers believe she should follow Christine’s lead.

Suffice it to say, Sister Wives fans are thrilled for Christine and what the next chapter of her life has in store for her. And many will never forget the look on Kody’s face when he went to Christine’s home, only to find all of his things in boxes. Certainly, if he didn’t think she would ever go through with leaving him in the dust, he had another thing coming.

Everything to Know About Christine’s Sister Wives Spinoff Show

News of Christine Brown splitting from Kody Brown broke ahead of Sister Wives Season 16. And with such a major spoiler circulating, viewers wondered what would be next for her. Meanwhile, it’s clear she gets her very own show, as it would be unlike TLC to miss out on an opportunity to capitalize on Christine’s latest single status.

It turns out Christine will have her own cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine. The digital series will feature Christine Brown in the kitchen whipping up some of her favorite recipes. Meanwhile, she will have special guests helping her out in the kitchen – including her children.

As watchers know, TLC hit it out of the park with other cooking shows like Spice It Up With David and Annie. And now, this latest offering will have a noticeable Sister Wives lean. Moreover, just based on recent comments, a lot of viewers are behind Christine and invested in seeing her succeed in life after Kody.

And with Christine living her best life back in Utah (and a new show on the horizon), things are certainly off to a good start for the mother and TLC star.

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