‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold Leaving the Hospital – Going Back Home to Boston

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold has good news to share with her followers after going under the knife in New York City and spending the last few days recovering in the hospital.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Had Hip Surgery in New York City

When most people think about New York City, they think about iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, New York pizza, shopping, and more. But for Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, the Big Apple is where they get the majority of their surgeries done.

And as Bill told his The Little Couple followers a few days ago, living life as a little person is hard enough with all the “pointing and staring”. But in addition to that, they have to deal with “heavy sh**”, which often includes going under the knife for numerous surgeries. And between them, Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein have close to 100.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold

TLC Mom Dealt with Post-Surgery Complications

Even though Bill Klein told the pair’s The Little Couple followers that everything with Jen’s procedure was a “success”, dealing with things post-surgery during the healing process can be an issue, too. And just because you make it out of surgery successfully, that doesn’t always mean that you’re out of the woods just yet.

During a recent clip for her The Little Couple fans, Jennifer Arnold opened up about the “hiccups” that arose following her going under the knife. Bill Klein’s wife said that her recovery would take longer than she initially expected – and that there were some “complications”.

But overall, Jennifer Arnold remains positive as she deals with the healing process from her latest procedure. In addition, she thanked her The Little Couple fans for all the support she has been getting as she deals with all of this. And luckily, she has both Bill and her mother, Judy, by her side as she recovers.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Judy Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Judy Arnold/Instagram

The Little Couple Star Headed Home

With many The Little Couple fans worried about Jennifer Arnold as she recovers, Bill Klein’s wife said that she is officially leaving the hospital and going back to their new home in Boston. Jen shared pictures of her hospital bed – including the view from her room, and even where Bill has been sleeping.

Meanwhile, Jen Arnold going home means she is well enough to do so – and that’s indeed good news considering everything she just went through. As viewers know, Jen’s left hip gave out just as the TLC family settled into their new home in Boston. And now, Jen and Bill will be on their way back to enjoy their new pad with Will and Zoey – new hip and all.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold

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