‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold Opens Up About Post-Surgery Complications

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold went to New York for hip revision surgery. And, naturally, viewers want to know how she is doing in recovery. Meanwhile, Bill Klein’s wife recently opened up about some of her post-surgery complications.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold in the Big Apple for Surgery

As The Little Couple fans keeping up with Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein know, the TLC family moved to Boston because of two new positions Jen got. Meanwhile, just as Will and Zoey were getting used to the snow up north, Jen had to travel to New York City for hip revision surgery.

Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein do most of their major surgeries in New York. In fact, not too long ago, it was Bill’s turn, when he had to have bone fragments removed from his elbow. And this time around, it was Jen’s turn to go under the knife to operate on her left hip.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold

The TLC Star Makes it Through Surgery

Many The Little Couple fans have been following Jennifer Arnold’s latest surgery journey very closely. Because the TLC show has been off the air since 2019, viewers flock to Jen’s social media for updates on the kids, and in this case, Jen’s post-surgery status and overall recovery.

Meanwhile, Bill Klein updated the pair’s many The Little Couple fans when Jen first got out of her procedure. And luckily for her, Jen has her mom by her side, along with her husband. And despite her mother dealing with a broken leg, Judy Arnold is there for her daughter during this crucial recovery period.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold

The Little Couple Star Updates Fans

Thus far, The Little Couple fans have been getting updates on Jennifer Arnold’s status through Bill. But Jen finally spoke in a recent clip addressing everything that’s going on with her recovery. First of all, Jen thanked all of her followers for their continued support during this difficult time.

In addition, Jennifer Arnold said she appreciates “all the good vibes” and “prayers”. And she is “thankful” that she made it out okay. She went on to say that she now has a “new hip”, and everything seems to be going well. Meanwhile, even though Jennifer Arnold is on the road to recovery, she added that there had been some “hiccups” along the way.

Bill Klein’s wife said that there are some “complications” and that her recovery would be longer than she initially expected. But even though there are some post-surgery issues to deal with, Jen is keeping her spirits up – and she seems to have a good attitude about everything she is currently dealing with. In Jen’s words, “this too shall pass”. And thankfully, she has a great support system around her to help her through the healing process.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Judy Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Judy Arnold/Instagram

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