‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold Post-Surgery Update

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold recently went under the knife in New York City. Meanwhile, Bill Klein provided a post-surgery update on his wife for their many followers. So what did he reveal?

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Goes Under the Knife in NYC

As The Little Couple followers know, Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are pros when it comes to going under the knife for surgery. They have nearly 100 surgeries between them. So in a lot of ways, it’s business as usual for the TLC pair. Meanwhile, because they have the majority of their surgeries in New York, they always go out to dinner the night before.

Moreover, with Jennifer Arnold the latest to have surgery, that’s exactly what the pair did – spending some quality time together at Lamia’s Fish Market. And in the caption of their night out couples’ selfie, Jen Arnold joked that she and Bill were “greater than Bennifer” – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold/Instagram

TLC Wife Had Hip Issues

Prior to traveling to New York City for her surgery, Jennifer Arnold updated her The Little Couple followers with everything that was going on. Bill Klein’s wife told her TLC fans that she was going in for “hip revision surgery”. Meanwhile, this could not have come at a more challenging time. Because, Jen and Bill just relocated their family from Florida to Boston.

But, elaborating further on her situation, Jennifer Arnold told her The Little Couple followers that it’d been over 20 years since she had that hip replaced. So if nothing else, she was definitely due for this procedure. Meanwhile, luckily for her, she has her husband, Bill Klein, by her side through it all.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/Facebook

Bill Klein Provides The Little Couple Fans with Update on His Wife

Because Jennifer Arnold was just under the knife, Bill Klein took to social media to update all of their The Little Couple followers on his wife’s status. Typically, Jen is the one that shares updates. But, understandably, Bill took over those duties this time around.

Bill Klein told his The Little Couple fans that his wife is “doing well”. And that the surgery was a “success all around”. In addition, Bill said that his wife “wore out the cup” of her hip and needed a new “prosthetic ball to match”. Speaking more about his wife, Bill Klein reminded his The Little Couple followers just how “tough” his wife is. And he said that as little people, they deal with “heavy sh**” every year for the majority of their lives – especially as it relates to various medical procedures.

And judging by everything this TLC pair have been through in their lives, Bill added that there surely would be a Navy SEAL or two that would “ring the bell” and tap out before they got as far as Jen and Bill have, considering everything they’ve had to deal with – both medically and out in public.

Overall, it’s clear that Jennifer Arnold does well as she recovers from this latest surgery. And she has her biggest fan by her side (Bill Klein), along with their millions of followers wishing her the best as she heals.

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