‘Little People Big World’: Long Lost Secret of Roloff Farms Comes to Fruition

Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff keeps busy on Roloff Farms. The property is known for things like its pumpkin patch. Meanwhile, there are secrets hidden around the property that a lot of people don’t know about.

Little People Big World: Roloff Farms a Big Draw

Roloff Farms bills itself as the “best pumpkin patch”. And that’s certainly a big draw for Little People Big World fans that make the trek to Helvetia, Oregon, for a visit. However, when the Roloffs purchased the land decades ago, it was certainly a fixer-upper. And as watchers know, Matt Roloff and his team always have different projects going on.

In fact, it wasn’t long ago that Matt Roloff finished his cabin on the property. And in addition to entertaining guests, Matt also spends quality time with his grandchildren. Certainly, there has been a lot of drama of late with the speculation that Matt moved his youngest son, Jacob Roloff, and his family, to the farm. But when you put all the family drama aside, Roloff Farms is a remarkable achievement in terms of how it started – and how it’s going now.

Little People Big World: Roloff Family
Little People Big World: Roloff Family/YouTube

Matt Reveals Roloff Farms Secret?

Starting out with 34 acres, Roloff Farms has expanded since its early days. And now, there are over 100 acres to work with. Certainly, with Little People Big World watchers flocking to the farm every year, there’s a lot for guests to see and do. Meanwhile, based on a recent update from Matt Roloff, there’s a lot that viewers don’t see, too.

Matt Roloff recently revealed something to his Little People Big World fans. And according to him, it’s something that has never made it on the show. It turns out it’s a mine shaft built in the early 90s – and the inspiration for it may surprise some TLC fans.

Matt Roloff said that friends showed him a photo they took while “hiking in the very back country of Oregon”. And realizing that it’s the sort of hike he wouldn’t be able to do, Matt did the next best thing – built the “exact thing” he saw in the photo, a mine shaft.

Little People Big World: Roloff Farms
Little People Big World: Roloff Farms – Matt Roloff/Instagram

Little People Big World Star Loves Tunnels

Meanwhile, the mine shaft Matt Roloff built has some pretty nifty features – including a “trap door” into the floor of the barn above. In addition, he said they eventually locked that trap door once they started filming the precursor to what would eventually become Little People Big World – because production needed a barn they could use.

Matt also told his Little People Big World fans that “few people” know the history behind this mine shaft. So it’s a unique piece of information for fans of the show – and anyone who has been to Roloff Farms that didn’t know it existed.

He went on to say that what it looks like now has been more than 20 years in the making. And in its current state, the initial vision has come to fruition in all its glory. Meanwhile, Matt added that he loves tunnels, and that he has been digging them forever. So it’s certainly fitting that he would have something like this on the property.

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