’90 Day Fiance’: Ben & Mahogany Update – Is He Still on the Hook?

90 Day Fiance celeb Ben Rathbun is the latest sad sack that TLC watchers love making fun of on this season of Before the 90 Days. Like Caesar Mack, David Murphey, and Yolanda Leak before him, Ben is the latest to join the catfishing club. But what’s Ben’s status with the elusive Mahogany in 2022?

90 Day Fiance: Ben Rathbun an Endless Pot of Comedy Gold

Even if Ben Rathbun weren’t being catfished by Mahogany, his goofy one-liners and endless optimism in the face of obvious peril has been a source of comedic gold – and one that keeps on giving. 90 Day Fiance fans are some of the most ruthless out there when it comes to going wherever the punchline is. And Ben is an easy target. Still, just because the fruit is low-hanging, it hasn’t stopped fans and social media bloggers from grabbing said fruit and squeezing it for all it’s worth.

One might think that with a long history of catfishing on 90 Day Fiance, some cast members would take the hint. But in Ben Rathbun’s case, the more red flags pop up, the more Ben digs his heels in – determined to overcome every obstacle and prove his love for the ever-elusive Mahogany.

90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Rathbun - Yolanda Leak
90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Rathbun – Yolanda Leak – Pic Credit: Morebiggy/Instagram

Ben Won’t Quit Despite Numerous Obstacles

While Ben Rathbun’s never say die attitude may work in romantic comedies and idealized, fictional versions of love, those same principles backfire on the American man in real life. And whether he intended it or not, his scenes have become an unintentional comedy for many 90 Day Fiance watchers.

Meanwhile, at this point in Ben Rathbun’s 90 Day Fiance storyline, he has yet to meet Mahogany in person. And even worse is the fact that he hasn’t even chatted with her on video. So, understandably, there’s a reason all the red flags have been up since this segment began.

90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Rathbun
90 Day Fiance: Benjamin Rathbun

Are 90 Day Fiance Pair Together in 2022?

So far, there’s no definitive evidence yet that Mahogany and Ben have ever actually met in person. But a recent Cameo video from Ben for a 90 Day Fiance fan may offer some clues. In the cringeworthy video, Ben wishes a TLC fan a happy Valentine’s Day – adding that he hopes it’ll be “almost as good” as the Valentine’s Day he will have with Mahogany.

And as far as additional clues go, Ben Rathbun drinks from a cup with the word “PERU” on it. Now that could certainly be intentional to hype up his storyline for the upcoming episodes. But it could also be Ben, in his desperation, clinging to anything he can find that reminds him of Mahogany.

According to him, he says there’s “still hope” for him with her. So if nothing else, 90 Day Fiance watchers can strap in for the rest of this dumpster fire as the remainder of the season airs.

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