‘My 600-lb Life’: David Nelson Gives Fans 2022 Update

My 600-lb Life celeb David Nelson is the most recent cast member on the TLC show. And his episode ended on a cliffhanger. Luckily, he recently gave fans a 2022 update on his progress. So what did he reveal?

My 600-lb Life: Tough Road for David Nelson on TLC

David Nelson is the most recent cast member on the TLC weight-loss transformation show. And like everyone TLC documents for the show, David had a number of reasons why he ended up in the shape he was in when cameras caught up with him. Suffice it to say; he had a tough start in life right from the beginning.

David Nelson said that his mother had him when she was just 13 years old. And because his father wasn’t around, he ended up in the foster system. As it turned out, at 30, he was living with his foster mom – and she seems to be the one person in his life that has been a constant for him.

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson
My 600-lb Life: David Nelson/YouTube

Lots of Bumps in the Road for David

Weighing in at 763 pounds when he made it to Houston, David Nelson had a tough road ahead of him if he wanted to succeed and lose weight. Meanwhile, on his way to see Dr Now, he had his share of fast food. And in one scene, he made sure that he got 27 jalapeño poppers. Because in his mind, it counted as a “vegetable”.

Meanwhile, after initially dropping weight, he gained a good chunk of it back – ultimately delaying his progress even further. At that point, Dr Now set David up with therapy to unpack years of trauma and get to the root of his problems. Ultimately though, he was denied weight loss surgery because he didn’t meet the goals Dr Now set for him.

Luckily, David Nelson gets on track by the end of his My 600-lb Life episode. Unfortunately, though, because of the many hurdles he faced that pushed back his progress, his episode ended on a cliffhanger – leaving watchers wondering how his current progress goes.

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson
My 600-lb Life: David Nelson/YouTube

My 600-lb Life Celeb Gives Viewers a 2022 Update

With David Nelson’s My 600-lb Life episode ending without a definitive resolution, viewers have been clamoring for more updates on how he currently does. And based on the latest updates from him, there’s good news regarding his progress. David recently told his followers that he is “on track” with things. And he added that he is “working out every day” and maintaining his diet.

Meanwhile, David Nelson said that even though he hasn’t had surgery yet, he is “on the right course”. So that’s indeed good news for everyone rooting for him. Considering Dr Now had to cancel his surgery during his episode because he fell off the wagon, this is certainly welcome news as David gets closer to making weight loss surgery a reality.

Based on this latest update from David, he didn’t say how much he currently weighs. But it’s clear he is on the right path. So, that alone is encouraging in terms of the road ahead.

My 600-lb Life: David Nelson
My 600-lb Life: David Nelson/Instagram

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