‘My 600-lb Life’: Destinee Lashaee’s (Matthew Ventress’) Shocking Death

My 600-lb Life cast member Destinee Lashaee made quite an impression on viewers when her episode aired. Unfortunately, based on the latest tragic news making the rounds, Destinee passed away.

My 600-lb Life: Destinee Lashaee Had a Unique TLC Journey

Most My 600-lb Life cast members have a host of reasons as to why they packed on the pounds – with many of them bedridden and unable to take care of themselves. Meanwhile, in addition to struggles with weight, Destinee Lashaee struggled with identity as well.

As My 600-lb Life watchers know from her episode, Destinee Lashaee was born a man (Matthew Ventress). And at the time of filming, Destinee was one of the first transgender patients featured on the show and taken under Dr Now’s care. Meanwhile, based on the latest news, Destinee passed away.

TLC Star Took Her Own Life?

As My 600-lb Life viewers know, patients on the show deal with their share of personal demons. And in Destinee’s case, things like her weight, identity, and acceptance were front and center. And based on the latest news making the rounds, it looks like she ultimately lost that fight.

Based on the latest news, Destinee’s brother took to social media with a cryptic post, alluding to the fact that Destinee took her own life. The poster in question asked why God keeps taking his “siblings away” – adding that he is “sorry you felt you had no other option”. Meanwhile, it looks like Destinee went back to Matthew and using he/him pronouns at the time of his death.

My 600-lb Life: Destinee Lashaee
My 600-lb Life: Destinee Lashaee/Facebook

My 600-lb Life Star Spoke Out Against the Show

Destinee Lashaee joined a lawsuit against Megalomedia – the production company behind My 600-lb Life – along with other cast members. As viewers know, TLC cameras capture cast members in their most vulnerable moments – including shower scenes and more. And in Matthew’s case, production made him shave on camera.

Particularly when cast members are already in emotionally fragile states, demanding they do things like this for the cameras can be incredibly damaging to someone who is barely hanging on. And because of the trauma suffered while filming as Destinee, she sued Megalomedia for “negligence”, “emotional distress”, and more.

Meanwhile, based on the latest tragic news, it seems Matthew still struggled with his demons despite achieving weight-loss success. And, perhaps his death can serve as a cautionary tale of what happens when emotionally fragile people with deeply-rooted trauma put their lives on full display for the world to see. And, that even when a person achieves their goals, there can still be lingering issues hiding behind a seemingly successful exterior.

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