‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Shocker: Christine Brown Was a ‘Basement Wife’?

Sister Wives Tell-All Part 2 spoilers reveal more drama from the one-on-one interviews with Sukanya Krishnan. Meanwhile, Christine Brown opens up about her gut-wrenching realization in TLC teasers.

Sister Wives Three-Part Tell-All Full of Drama

With Sister Wives Season 16 in the books, viewers are now in the middle of the three-part TLC Tell-All. In it, host Sukanya Krishnan sits down for intimate, one-on-one interviews with Kody Brown and the rest of his wives. And as watchers see from the first installment, all sorts of cans of worms are opened.

During the first installment of the Sister Wives Tell-All, Christine Brown was adamant about the fact that she could not hang around the way Meri Brown does – particularly after Kody established that there would no longer be intimacy between them. Meanwhile, in the latest teasers for the second installment, Christine Brown opens up about a harrowing realization.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Meri Brown – Christine Brown

Christine Brown Opens Up About Being a ‘Basement Wife’

In slang terms, “basement wife” refers to someone kept in the basement – often for nefarious purposes. Meanwhile, in Christine’s case, she was often cast to the side as an afterthought. Interestingly, Christine says in upcoming scenes that she “didn’t know” being a “basement wife” was a thing.

Meanwhile, Christine Brown adds in Tell-All spoilers that while she was still with Kody, she had to make choices daily. Either she would stand up for herself when she encountered a situation she didn’t agree with, or she would go along to make things easier and keep the peace.

Of course, there’s a cost that comes with giving up that kind of ground. And Christine Brown says in Sister Wives spoilers that the consequence of always being agreeable is losing yourself. In addition, Christine says in teasers that she put “everybody first” and took up the mantle as the “peacemaker”. But, it’s clear that took a toll on her.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Christine Brown – Kody Brown

Sister Wives Star Couldn’t Keep Up the Facade

As Sister Wives followers know, Christine Brown finally broke free of Kody Brown. And since throwing in the towel and kicking Kody to the curb, she seems to be living her best life. Meanwhile, reflecting on her relationship with Kody in teasers, Christine says that it got to the point that she was “running on empty”.

Christine Brown says to host Sukanya Krishnan that she “chose to be weaker” while she was still with Kody and still in their family dynamic even though she would have much rather chosen strength. But if nothing else, Christine ultimately stuck to her principles when she decided to leave Kody in the dust – and she seems to be much happier for it.

Christine tells Sukanya Krishnan in Sister Wives Tell-All spoilers that she was “constant” in the lives of Kody, Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and all of their children. And even though Christine gave up ground and let go of many of her principles while still in that situation in order to put everyone else first, it’s clear she chose strength in the end when it was time for her to walk away. And, she is now free to put herself – and her children – first.

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