‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold Shares Special Message About Being a Survivor

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold is an inspiration to many of her followers, given everything she has overcome in her life. Meanwhile, she recently shared an emotional update honoring her story of survival and everything she has accomplished since.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold Had Rare Form of Cancer

With everything Jennifer Arnold has accomplished in life, it’s easy to forget that she has overcome more than most people. And one of the things she contended with in the past was a rare form of cancer. Bill Klein’s TLC wife was diagnosed with stage three choriocarcinoma following a miscarriage.

Meanwhile, this was in addition to the struggle that comes with dealing with skeletal dysplasia – something both she and her husband have. And because of her condition, treatment for her cancer was difficult. But luckily for Jen, since going into remission in 2014, the cancer hasn’t come back.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold/Instagram

Bill Klein’s Wife Shares Her Story of Survival

In honor of World Cancer Day, Jennifer Arnold reflected on her own journey as a survivor. Bill Klein’s wife told her The Little Couple followers that she feels “fortunate” to be a “survivor” on this day in particular. Meanwhile, she said she is thinking of all those who overcame, continue to fight, and all those who tragically passed.

Certainly, it’s a bittersweet day for Jennifer Arnold to reflect on everything she has been through. And at least in her case, it’s also a time of triumph, considering she has been in remission for nearly a decade. All in all, it’s a day worth remembering for The Little Couple celeb.

And with everything Jennifer Arnold has been through, her followers congratulated her and had nothing but positive words to share. One fan said that Jen is “strong” and “powerful”. In addition, others chimed in with their own survival stories on this important day.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/Instagram

The Little Couple Celeb Shooting For the Stars

As The Little Couple watchers know, Jennifer Arnold is a go-getter. And in addition to dealing with skeletal dysplasia and beating cancer, she is also an accomplished, career-driven individual. In fact, she just accepted two new positions in the Boston area – one of which will see her become part of the staff at Harvard.

Meanwhile, even though The Little Couple family has to ditch the sand and sun in Florida for the cold of New England, it’ll certainly be a new adventure for all. Moreover, with everything Jennifer Arnold has overcome in her life, she certainly has a lot to be grateful for.

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