’90 Day Fiance’: Varya Malina Speaks Out After Geoffrey Paschel Sentencing

90 Day Fiance celeb Geoffrey Paschel was sentenced to 18 years in prison in a Tennessee court – with Varya Malina in attendance. Meanwhile, following the verdict, Varya spoke out. So, what did she say?

90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel Sentenced

Back in October 2021, Geoffrey Paschel was found guilty on several counts relating to an incident with an ex-girlfriend in 2019 – prior to his time filming 90 Day Fiance scenes with Varya Malina. Meanwhile, even though he was found guilty in October 2021, he wasn’t officially sentenced until February 3, 2022.

Initially, Geoffrey Paschel was supposed to be sentenced sooner. But his sentencing date was pushed back. Meanwhile, when it was all said and done, it wasn’t good news for Varya Malina’s love. It turns out, Geoffrey was sentenced to 18 years behind bars – a significant amount of time in the clink, no matter how you slice it.

90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel
90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel/YouTube

Varya Malina Speaks Out Following Geoffrey Sentencing

With Varya Malina in the courtroom to witness Geoffrey Paschel’s sentencing, many 90 Day Fiance watchers wonder what she has to say about everything that went down. And, it didn’t take long for her to chime in with her two cents about everything that happened.

It turns out Varya Malina shared a social media reel with her 90 Day Fiance followers. In it, there’s a cake with the number five on it – to remember the son Geoffrey Paschel lost on what would have been his fifth birthday. And in addition to the cake, Varya said that neither Geoffrey’s son nor Geoffrey was there to taste it.

Along with that, Varya Malina told her 90 Day Fiance followers that 18 years for Geoffrey is essentially rock bottom, so in her mind, there’s only room to go up from here. Certainly, it’s an overly optimistic view, given Geoffrey’s current situation. Moreover, she said that “the sky is still crying” because one “angel” is “very upset”.

90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel - Varya Malina
90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel – Varya Malina/Instagram

What’s Next for 90 Day Fiance Star?

Since Geoffrey Paschel’s initial guilty verdict in October 2021, Varya Malina has stood by her man – including moving into his home in Tennessee to take care of his dogs and be closer to his family. But, with Geoffrey facing 18 years in the clink, realistically, Varya may have to ask herself some tough questions and rethink her future.

Certainly, she could stay with Geoffrey as he spends time in prison. But, waiting 18 years is a tall order, no matter how strong a bond may be between two people. So, if nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see what Varya does in the aftermath of Geoffrey’s sentencing – and whether or not she sticks around for the long haul or cuts her losses and moves on.

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