‘My 600-lb Life’: Bedridden Lisa Ebberson Rages at Dr Now – Where is She Now?

My 600-lb Life cast member Lisa Ebberson is one of the toughest patients Dr Now has dealt with. And even though she’s bedridden, she seems unwilling to stop stuffing her face in the latest episode from TLC. So can she turn things around to save her life?

My 600-lb Life: Lisa Ebberson’s Journey on TLC

By the time My 600-lb Life cameras catch up with Lisa in her TLC episode, she is in a bad situation. Bedridden and over 50 with an enabler boyfriend, Lisa has all the makings of a disaster scenario. And at over 600 pounds at the beginning of her episode, she needs to do something drastic if she wants to turn things around.

Meanwhile, like many My 600-lb Life patients, there’s a tragic story that led to her turning to food for comfort. As a young teen, she said she was assaulted while at a friend’s house. And from a psychological standpoint, turning to food and packing on the pounds was a defensive response to ensure that no one ever touched her again.

My 600-lb Life: Lisa Ebberson
My 600-lb Life: Lisa Ebberson/YouTube

TLC Star Rages – Refuses to Follow Dr Nowzaradan’s Program

As My 600-lb Life watchers know, Dr Now dealt with his share of difficult patients over the years. Meanwhile, Lisa is the latest to join that bunch based on her TLC episode. Lisa said she was “confused” by Dr Now’s program while continuing to stuff her face with anything and everything her enabler boyfriend brought her.

In addition, she refused help provided to her by a dietician and physical therapist. And on two separate occasions, both women left with Lisa screaming after them to leave her be. Meanwhile, all of this goes down months into filming for Lisa. The first task from Dr Now was for Lisa to lose enough weight for her to get out of bed on her own. But even that, it seems, is too tall an order for the disgruntled My 600-lb Life celeb.

Meanwhile, like many My 600-lb Life patients, Lisa refuses to take any accountability for her actions and what led to her being bedridden. So that’s a bridge Lisa needs to cross if she wants to genuinely make the changes necessary to get out of bed.

My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan
My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan/YouTube

COVID-19 & Death a Wake-Up Call for My 600-lb Life Celeb?

Months into filming Lisa’s My 600-lb Life episode, it looks like nothing is going to give – and that Lisa will continue to eat herself into an early grave. Luckily, a wake-up call arrives – but with a cost. It turns out, Lisa’s boyfriend contracting COVID-19 and bringing it home to her is the jolt Lisa needs to get things in gear.

Unfortunately, though, even though Lisa recovers from the virus, her boyfriend does not. After spending over a month in the hospital recovering from COVID-19, Lisa manages to get under 500 pounds – and it looks as though the death of her enabler (and nearly dying herself) is enough of a kick in the teeth to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Near the end of her episode, Lisa finally goes on the My 600-lb Life diet – and she does exercises while in bed to slowly chip away at her weight loss goals. So even though it’s not much, it’s a big step for her considering where she started and how the majority of her TLC episode goes.

My 600-lb Life: Randy Rempel
My 600-lb Life: Randy Rempel/YouTube

Where is Lisa Ebberson Now?

Despite initial motivation from the death of her boyfriend, Randy, that only seems to carry Lisa Ebberson so far. By the end of her My 600-lb Life episode she slips back into old habits and hasn’t even tried sitting at the edge of the bed yet. Meanwhile, current updates from her are scarce, so it’s hard to say if she is still on any type of weight-loss program.

Moreover, Dr Now fears that she could easily slip back into her old habits. And with no new weight-loss updates from her, that’s certainly a possibility. One way or another, this is indeed a situation to keep an eye on – especially if new updates surface.

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