‘Little People Big World’: Did Matt Roloff Move Jacob, Isabel, & Mateo into Farmhouse?

Little People Big World fans know that Jacob Roloff hasn’t seen eye to eye with his family in some time. And that he has been feuding with his brother Jeremy and his sister-in-law Audrey as well. But did Matt Roloff recently extend an olive branch?

Little People Big World: Jacob Roloff the Black Sheep of the Family?

Unlike most of his family, Jacob Roloff has a different way of thinking. His political leanings are decidedly farther left than the rest of his kin – and he has gotten into it with members of his family based on differing points of view over the years. So it isn’t a stretch to say that Jacob Roloff is the black sheep of the Roloff brood.

In addition, there’s also the abuse scandal that rocked the Little People Big World family – involving Jacob when he was younger, as well as a former TLC field producer for the show. When Jacob came clean and spoke his truth publicly, some viewers accused Matt Roloff of downplaying his son’s experience. Suffice it to say; there are certainly old wounds that still fracture this popular family.

Little People Big World: Isabel Roloff - Jacob Roloff
Little People Big World: Isabel Rock – Jacob Roloff

Matt Roloff Extending an Olive Branch to Jacob?

As Little People Big World followers know, Isabel Rock recently gave birth to the couple’s first child together, Mateo. And since he was born, Mateo has been spending a lot of time with grandpa Matt. And even though it’s clear the Roloff brood still has its share of issues, it looks like a new baby in the family has opened the door for Matt to mend some fences with his youngest son.

Jacob Roloff celebrated his 25th birthday recently. And to commemorate the milestone, Matt Roloff gifted his son with a family heirloom – a 1967 yellow Volkswagen that belonged to Jacob’s grandfather. In addition, Matt seems to be spending a lot of time with Jacob and his family lately – with Matt saying that even though his son has “weird political beliefs”, he admires his willingness to work hard.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff - Jacob Roloff
Little People Big World: Matt Roloff – Jacob Roloff/Instagram

Little People Big World Family Living on the Farm?

With Matt Roloff spending more time with Jacob and his family on the farm – and with Jacob helping Matt out with some good, old-fashioned elbow grease, many Little People Big World watchers wonder if Matt moved Jacob and his family into the farmhouse.

With Matt in his 60’s, it makes sense for him to start thinking about who will get the keys to Roloff Farms once he decides to hang it up and ride off into the sunset. And, between all of his children, Jacob seems like the ideal candidate to take over the family business.

As Little People Big World watchers know, Jeremy and Audrey recently bought a cabin in Oregon that’s the perfect winter getaway. Meanwhile, they’re tied up in other business ventures as well. Moreover, when it comes to Zach and Tori, they just moved into a new home in Battle Ground, Washington, and will soon welcome their third child.

Certainly, there’s also Molly Roloff to consider. And from the looks of it, even though she remains out of the public eye, she has a successful career as a Senior Accountant – as well as a happily married life in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Joel Silvius.

Little People Big World: Jacob Roloff
Little People Big World: Jacob Roloff/Instagram

Matt Roloff Keeping the Family Business in the Family with Jacob?

So, taking all of this into consideration, including what Matt’s other children are up to and how much more time Jacob and his family seem to be spending at Roloff Farms, it certainly makes sense to suggest that Matt moved Jacob and his kin to the farm in order to take him under his wing and show him the ropes of the family business.

Meanwhile, in addition to having a successor for Roloff Farms, it seems Matt and Jacob have had time to strengthen their bond as father and son – and Matt has even been able to spend extra time with his grandson Mateo, too.

So far, nothing about Jacob’s current living situation has been confirmed. But, there are more than enough clues to suggest that Matt has found the right person to eventually take over the family business. And if so, room and board on the farm would certainly make sense.

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