Album Review: Venus Blake – The Other Side of Midnight

Goth Pop Singer/Songwriter Venus Blake recently released her latest album, The Other Side of Midnight. So what can listeners expect from this new record by the multi-instrumentalist?

Venus Blake Shines on The Other Side of Midnight

Venus Blake opens her latest record with a heart-wrenching ballad – which by itself might surprise some listeners. Most bands like to open with a high-energy track to grab listeners and pull them in. But, what this opening ballad lacks in terms of energy, it more than makes up for with raw emotion and talent.

Hungry Ghosts pulls at your heartstrings right out of the gate – and Venus Blake adds her morbid touch, with melodies that truly bring this track home. As an album opener, Venus Blake leaves it all out there and holds nothing back – a brave and bold move to introduce this new record.

The Other Side of Midnight is a Cathartic Masterpiece

As the follow-up track, Red Wine opens with soothing piano melodies that lull listeners into a trance-like state. Meanwhile, Venus Blake’s vocals truly bring the track home – reminiscent of a mid-90s Sarah McLachlan or Fallen-era Amy Lee. Two tracks into this record, and it’s clear that this listening experience is nothing less than an emotional bloodletting – in the best way possible.

For anyone going through a difficult time in life, The Other Side of Midnight is the kind of companion record that you can drown your sorrows in before picking yourself up and tackling whatever has you down. And with her soothing instrumentation and ethereal vocal delivery, Venus Blake offers listeners solace and a safe place to land – even if only for a moment.

Venus Blake is Stripped-Down and Raw

The Other Side of Midnight is nothing short of a stroke of genius. Rather than using catchy beats and happy melodies to distract listeners from their woes, Venus Blake brings the melancholy to the surface in a way that forces listeners to confront their emotional demons – and that, by far, is the true brilliance of this record.

Venus Blake remains raw and stripped-down emotionally on this record all the way through. And that commitment to remain in that vulnerable place while on full display is nothing short of remarkable. Meanwhile, rather than hiding behind a wall of sound or overproduction to carry this record, Venus Blake puts herself (and all her flaws) front and center – with only her piano to accompany her. And that creative decision alone is what makes this record.

Each of the eleven tracks on The Other Side of Midnight is an emotional kick to the teeth in the most exquisite way. Venus Blake lets her talent shine through in all of its melancholic glory – and it’s something listeners won’t want to miss.

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