Album Review: Kenny Dubman – Conflicted

Hard Rocker Kenny Dubman doesn’t drop his latest album Conflicted until April 2022. But in the meantime, here’s what listeners can expect from his brand new record.

Kenny Dubman Proves an ‘Old Dog’ Can Still Learn New Tricks

Even though Kenny Dubman’s new record is called Conflicted, there’s nothing at all confusing about his brand of hard rock and Americana. As soon as the album opener, Old Dog, rings out, Dubman’s gritty, vocal fry grabs listeners by the throat and doesn’t lose grip.

One track in, Kenny Dubman’s concoction of feel-good, bluesy hard rock is just what the doctor ordered – complete with heavily distorted guitar licks – and even a guitar solo midway through. If nothing else, Kenny Dubman proves that this “old dog” still has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

Feel-Good Rock at its Finest

Kenny Dubman’s brand of rock is most definitely a throwback to the heavyweights of old. And, as a whole, Conflicted would be right at home alongside Tom Petty or even Bruce Springsteen records. Whether you’ve heard Dubman prior to this record or not, there’s an instant nostalgia that grips you as a listener – and Dubman truly brings it home with each new track.

Meanwhile, if that nostalgia hit feels familiar, there’s a good reason for it. Conflicted has guest appearances by Zakk Wilde, Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke, and Scott Hill of Skid Row fame – and that collective experience certainly shines through in a big way.

Perhaps the best way to describe Kenny Dubman’s music is polished and professional. Each track is a fine-tuned, well-oiled machine – and with good reason. Kenny Dubman has been doing this since the 80’s when he rose to fame as part of progressive rock band Prophet – and as a listener, that experience cuts through.

Kenny Dubman: Conflicted
Kenny Dubman: Conflicted – used with permission

Conflicted is a Gut-Punch of Nostalgia

Kenny Dubman pulls from all his influences and years of experience to craft a beautifully produced and arranged record. You can tell that Kenny Dubman is a pro at what he does – and there’s nothing amateur about it.

Between the top-notch musicianship, beautiful arrangements, and Dubman’s masculine, gritty vocals, he has perfected the formula for a killer rock record – and it shows.

If you’ve had a hankering for no-nonsense rock that fires on all cylinders, Kenny Dubman has the cure for all those ills. And certainly, you won’t at all be conflicted once you give this record a listen.

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