‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy Slaton Gender Reveal

1000-lb Sisters celeb Amy Slaton is pregnant with her second child – and many viewers wonder what she and her husband are expecting. Meanwhile, after weeks of pregnancy updates, Tammy Slaton’s sister finally revealed what the gender of their newest bundle of joy is.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Pregnant with Second Child

As 1000-lb Sisters watchers know, Amy Slaton has been wanting to expand her family. Meanwhile, her weight was an issue. But between giving birth to her son Gage and now expecting another child, Amy and her husband certainly wasted no time in terms of adding to the family.

As 1000-lb Sisters watchers know, Amy’s son Gage recently celebrated his first birthday. And soon, he will be a big brother to Amy and Michael’s next child. Meanwhile, TLC watchers have questions about the current baby’s gender – and Amy finally revealed the big news.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton
1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton/YouTube

Tammy Slaton’s Sister Reveals Gender of Second Baby

As 1000-lb Sisters fans keeping up with Amy Slaton know, the TLC star has been sharing pregnancy updates with viewers ever since she broke the news that she and Michael were expecting another bundle of joy. But up until this most recent update, fans were left wondering whether their child is a boy or a girl. Meanwhile, Amy finally answered that question.

Taking to her YouTube channel, Amy Slaton shared a gender reveal video with her many followers. And as of this writing, the video currently has 40,000 views and counting. Interestingly, before the official reveal, Amy said she hoped for a girl – so what is the final result?

It turns out, based on the latest updates from Amy Slaton, that she and her husband will welcome another boy into the family. So Amy is officially a boy mom to Gage and this next baby boy on the way. Meanwhile, judging by Amy’s reaction, she definitely still wanted a girl.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy & Michael Growing Their Family

Across the board, 1000-lb Sisters watchers are happy for Amy and her expanding family. And many watchers express their excitement over another boy joining their brood. In addition, fellow boy moms are chiming in with their own stories and experiences raising all boys.

So, even though Amy Slaton was hoping for a girl, she will welcome another boy soon. And going along with what many 1000-lb Sisters watchers are saying, they are hoping that the baby boy will be healthy when he finally arrives. And in the meantime, it’s worth watching to see what other baby updates Amy Slaton shares as she gets closer to her due date.

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