‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All: Kody Brown Cuts Meri – Christine Sounds Off

Sister Wives spoilers tease explosive moments as Kody Brown tries to assert himself over his wives – but Christine Brown isn’t having it. So what else can viewers expect from upcoming scenes?

Meri Brown Confronted Over Why She Stays with Kody

As Sister Wives fans are well aware, Kody Brown’s other wives have taken a backseat to Robyn Brown. And despite having many children and building homes with each of his wives, it’s clear Kody seems to only have eyes for one wife. And because of this, many viewers wonder why wives like Meri continue to stay.

Meanwhile, Sister Wives spoilers tease the Brown family coming face to face with that very question. And in Meri’s mind, regardless of how fractured things are with Kody, she says that this is still her “family”. And according to her, she doesn’t want to leave the situation she’s in – despite Kody being adamant about not wanting to have an intimate relationship with her.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown/YouTube

Christine Brown Chimes in – Lets Kody Have it

As fans keeping up with this story know, Christine Brown lives her best life after finally kicking Kody Brown to the curb. And in the Sister Wives season finale, viewers saw Kody’s shocked reaction when he went to Christine’s home to find all of his things in boxes.

Because Christine Brown broke away from being under Kody’s thumb, a lot of watchers wonder why the other wives don’t follow suit. After all, leaving Kody in the dust seems to have done wonders for Christine. Meanwhile, fresh off of her liberation, Christine doesn’t hold back based on Sister Wives Tell-All spoilers.

Sister Wives Tell-All host Sukanya Krishnan asks Christine Brown where things are between her and Kody. And without hesitation, she says that she and Kody are “divorced”. Meanwhile, Christine adds that Meri seems to be more “fine” with a lack of intimacy with Kody than she is.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Christine Brown – Kody Brown

Explosive Three-Part Sister Wives Event

Sister Wives Season 16 was chock-full of drama as the fractured Brown family did their best to maintain a sense of normalcy amid the global pandemic and Kody’s rules. Meanwhile, in the first of a three-part Tell-All event, Sukanya Krishnan sits down with everyone individually – and her questions cut to the core of everything viewers have been wanting to know.

Interestingly, one of the reasons Christine Brown left Kody was the lack of intimacy in their marriage – which is something ongoing in his relationship with Meri, too. And, when Sukanya Krishnan grills Kody and asks him if staying in an intimate-less marriage is enough, even Kody thinks that it wouldn’t be “enough for anybody”. But in his words, everyone “makes their choices”.

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