‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Rips Meri Up at ‘Tell-All’

Sister Wives Tell-All spoilers reveal Kody Brown tears Meri a new one during the first of a three-part segment – and the Brown family patriarch doesn’t hold back.

Sister Wives Fans Wonder Why Meri Brown Doesn’t Ditch Kody

As Sister Wives fans know, Kody Brown and Meri Brown have been together for years. But there are obvious fractures in their relationship that seemingly can never be repaired. As such, viewers ask on a regular basis why Meri continues to hang around when it’s clear she isn’t wanted.

Meanwhile, spoilers for the upcoming Sister Wives Tell-All show host Sukanya Krishnan confronting Meri with that very question. According to Meri, she hangs around for her “family”. But it’s clear that her lack of intimacy with Kody is something they will never be able to mend based on the latest revelations from the upcoming three-part season-ender.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown/YouTube

Kody Brown Rips Meri a New One – Pulls No Punches

When asked about his relationship with Meri in Sister Wives Tell-All spoilers, Kody Brown says that at best, they’re “friends”. He adds that things got so “antagonistic” that he didn’t know why they were even “in it” anymore. Meanwhile, he alludes to the fact that there’s “no chance” that they could ever go back to how things were.

Meanwhile, things dig deeper in Kody Brown’s one-on-one interview with Sukanya Krishnan. And based on what Kody has to say, discretions of the past are still very much in the forefront – and a big reason for the fracture that Sister Wives fans see in the Brown family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown/YouTube

Meri’s Catfishing Experience Broke Sister Wives Family?

Sister Wives fans have to go all the way back to 2015 to remember Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal. Meri began an online affair with someone that she believed at the time was a man – Sam Cooper. Meanwhile, after months of flirtation, Meri came to the gut-wrenching realization that she was, in fact, talking to a woman.

And it wasn’t just Meri Brown that got the rug pulled out from under her – the entire Brown family suffered in the aftermath of this catfishing fiasco. And based on what Kody reveals in Sister Wives Tell-All spoilers, years later, those old wounds haven’t healed.

Kody Brown says in Sister Wives Tell-All spoilers that Meri was “done” with the Brown family when she thought things were going well with her catfish – with Kody adding that she “can’t admit it now”. Kody goes on to say that they “rallied” as a family and “circled the wagons” to “protect” Meri when she came to the realization that she’d been “duped”.

Meanwhile, the way Meri Brown sees things, her catfishing scandal wasn’t the “defining moment” that fractured her relationship with Kody. But, no matter how Kody or Meri’s version of events may differ, it’s clear that something was broken during that – and that it seemingly won’t ever be repaired. And in the meantime, for better or worse, it seems Meri is resolved to hang around – as she says in teasers that ditching Kody like Christine did is something that goes against her “values”.

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