‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold’s Latest Bold Move

The Little Couple celeb Jennifer Arnold has been teasing big things for the last few months – and her latest reveal is something viewers may not expect.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold & Family Still Off the Air

Of course, the one question The Little Couple viewers have when it comes to Jennifer Arnold and the rest of her TLC family is when they might be coming back to television. As watchers know, they haven’t been on the air since 2019 – and their fans are restless while awaiting potential news of a new season.

Certainly, Jennifer Arnold keeps The Little Couple followers updated with their comings and goings on social media – but most watchers agree that it’s not the same as seeing them on television. Meanwhile, even though they’ve been off the air for some time, there’s definitely a lot going on off-camera for this TLC family.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold/Instagram

Jen Leaving a Trail of Breadcrumbs

Even though The Little Couple family has been off the air, that hasn’t stopped Jennifer Arnold from leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, pointing to a possible return to television. For the last few months in particular, Bill Klein’s wife has been hinting that there’s “more to come”. And, she frequently drops hints that “big things” are on the horizon. Meanwhile, based on the latest updates, it looks like those “big things” are already underway.

It turns out Jennifer Arnold accepted a position at Boston Children’s Hospital relating to their Simulator Program. And if that weren’t enough, she has a fancy new position at Harvard to boot. Bill Klein’s wife is now part of the staff for the teaching hospital – so there are certainly big things ahead.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein/YouTube

The Little Couple Family Ditching Florida for New England

The Little Couple family moved from Texas to Florida when Jennifer Arnold got a job in St Petersburg at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital – as the medical director for the Simulation Center. And from the looks of it, Jen is moving yet again for a similar position in New England.

As The Little Couple watchers know, the entire family has enjoyed soaking up the sand and sun in Florida for the last few years. But, with the TLC family putting their Florida home up for sale, it’s clear they’re ready to experience all that Boston and the surrounding states have to offer.

As a bonus, The Little Couple family will also be moving up north with a considerable amount of money in their pockets. It turns out Jen and Bill sold their Florida home for nearly four million dollars. And when you consider that they purchased the place for just over two million in 2017, they essentially doubled their profit.

Certainly, it’ll be worth keeping up with their adventures as they adjust to their new lives and new home – and as they explore their new surroundings. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on whether or not they’re coming back for new episodes. But, with their new home up north, viewers would love to see what they get up to once they settle in.

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