Album Review: Yuval Ron Featuring Uyanga Bold – Sacred Spiral

Yuval Ron teams up with vocalist Uyanga Bold for the collaborative effort that is Sacred Spiral – the new album that drops at the beginning of February. So what can listeners expect from this latest sonic offering?

Yuval Ron Takes Listeners on a Journey with Sacred Spiral

Ethereal Voyage opens this album the way one might expect the first step of a spiritual journey to sound. Vocal lines mix with soundscapes that are, appropriately ethereal. Within the first minute of the track, this album opener puts listeners at ease. And once that sense of calm is achieved, you’ll be ready to receive this album and all it has to offer.

A mix of instruments and voices lends to the calming element of this track – which could easily be playing in the background for anyone that might have trouble sleeping. A word that comes to mind when listening to this album opener is soothing. And in that regard, the journey this album takes listeners on begins with a deep sense of relaxation. Meanwhile, clocking in at over ten minutes in length, this track is also ideal for morning or midday meditation.

Yuval Ron: Sacred Spiral
Yuval Ron: Sacred Spiral – Used with permission

Sacred Spiral is an Immersive Spiritual Experience

As the follow-up track on the album, Voice of Freedom continues the element of calm first introduced in the album opener. Soothing vocals meld with beautiful instrumentation to transport listeners to another plane – perhaps even another time. Either way, Voice of Freedom is sure to induce a meditative state for listeners.

Mind Vision Invocation picks up the torch as the spiritual journey continues on Sacred Spiral. The sound of water in the background blends perfectly with the light, bright tonality of this track. In addition, this track has more of an eastern flare musically, so it’s a global listening experience all around on Sacred Spiral.

Sacred Spiral Soothes the Soul

Even if meditation and mindfulness aren’t your thing, listeners would be hard-pressed to play this record and not feel a sense of relaxation from start to finish. Sacred Spiral pulls from all corners of the globe in terms of influences to create a truly immersive soundscape. And whether you listen to this record once in a while when you need an escape – or you use it as part of a daily meditation aid – there’s certainly sonic healing to be found.

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