‘My 600-lb Life’: Larry Myers Shocking New Life Update

My 600-lb Life celeb Larry Myers is on the new season of the TLC show – and judging by his past, this isn’t the first time he has struggled with weight issues, nor the first time he has overcome them. So what else do we know about him?

My 600-lb Life: Not the First Time Larry Myers Lost Weight

For 45-year-old Larry Myers, his latest stint on My 600-lb Life isn’t the first time he has struggled with weight loss issues – nor is it the first time he dropped a lot of weight. So in many ways, Larry has been through all of this before. But does that give him an edge this time around?

Larry Myers tells Dr Younan Nowzaradan on his My 600-lb Life episode that at one point, he weighed as much as 940 pounds. And at that point in his life, he managed to go from 940 to 305. But as can happen with major weight loss, if you don’t change habits and possibly some underlying psychological issues, patients can wind up right back where they were. And that’s exactly where TLC cameras pick up with Larry’s story.

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers
My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers/YouTube

Larry Going for Another Round on TLC

It turns out, after going from 940 pounds to 305 pounds, Larry Myers went back up to 648 pounds by the time he was with Dr Now in his Houston offices for his episode of My 600-lb Life. And because this time around with Dr Now isn’t his first rodeo when it comes to weight loss, some viewers may wonder why he let himself go again after losing over 600 pounds years ago.

In fact, Larry Myers told Times Union back in 2015 that he did “enough damage” to his body with food prior to his first major weight loss. And after he achieved his goals the first time, he even became a motivational speaker – and he can add published author to his resume as well. But it’s clear from his My 600-lb Life episode that old demons came to the forefront and pulled him back to his bad habits.

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers
My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers/YouTube

My 600-lb Life Celeb Pushes Through (Again)

It would be easy for someone like Larry Myers to throw in the towel after gaining a good chunk of his weight back – especially because he went through all the hard work of losing it once before. But based on the latest updates from the new TLC star, it looks like he’s back on the right track.

Because Larry Myers lost a lot of weight previously, he knows just what it takes to do it all over again. Certainly, it’s hard enough to lose a massive amount of weight once. But in Larry Myers’ case, he did it twice.

At the end of his My 600-lb Life episode, Larry doesn’t lose enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery. But based on more recent updates from him, he turned things around in a big way after not meeting his weight loss goals on the popular TLC show. Either way, it certainly seems like not getting the green light for surgery from Dr Now was the push Larry needed to really get himself in gear.

Indeed, looking at the latest pictures from Larry Myers, he looks completely unrecognizable – and he seems even skinnier than the first time he dropped a lot of weight. Certainly, it’s possible Larry learned from his mistakes this time around. So, here’s to hoping he remains vigilant and continues to maintain the health and happiness he has now.

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers
My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers

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