‘My 600-lb Life’: UPDATE: Larry Myers – Where is He Now?

My 600-lb Life Season 10 features new cast member Larry Myers. Meanwhile, with his new episode out on Discovery Plus, many watchers are curious to know how he is doing since his episode wrapped.

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers Once Nearly 1000 Pounds

As My 600-lb Life watchers know, each cast member featured on the show has reached a morbidly obese level of weight gain – so much so that reaching out to Dr Younan Nowzaradan in Houston is often their last and final hope at living a normal life. And when it comes to newcomer Larry Myers, he was once almost 1000 pounds.

At the start of Larry Myers’ My 600-lb Life journey, the 45-year-old from Albany, New York, is in bad shape. And he tells TLC cameras that he is thankful every day that he wakes up. Because, given his size and his health issues, it’s a coin flip every night in terms of whether or not he will wake up the next day.

At his heaviest, Larry said that he was all the way up to 940 pounds. And because of this, he had to hire someone to help him around the house. Certainly, that’s on the heavier end, even when it comes to My 600-lb Life. And it’s clear early on in his episode that Larry needs help.

My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan
My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan/YouTube

New TLC Cast Member Struggles

As with all new My 600-lb Life cast members, the beginning of an episode is always the hardest – as it shows Dr Now’s patients at their most morbidly obese points. In Larry’s case, he has severe lymphedema in his right leg at the start of his journey. As a result, simply getting up is a struggle for Larry – and trying to move around is a different beast altogether. Meanwhile, Larry adds that walking “hurts bad”.

In addition, Larry says that he uses food as “medicine”. And it’s a way to comfort himself while dealing with all the pain he experiences. But by the time his episode starts, it’s clear he is in need of an intervention – and fast. Because even though food takes the “pain and fear” away in the moment, the rate at which Larry eats is slowly killing him.

Larry Myers Faces Life-Threatening Situation Before He Steps on the Scale

Typically, the first time Dr Nowzaradan meets his new My 600-lb Life patients is when they come to his office. But in Larry’s case, because of a potentially life-threatening situation, he comes face to face with the doctor as soon as he arrives in Houston.

Because of Larry’s lymphedema and being stuck in the car for a 20 plus hour trip, the good doctor is worried about blood clots in Larry’s leg. Luckily, there were no clots once Dr Now and his team ran some tests. But, getting to Houston is just the first step in Larry’s My 600-lb Life journey.

By the time Larry’s weight comes in on My 600-lb Life, he is at 648 pounds. And while that’s certainly an improvement from his heaviest of 940 pounds, it’s clear that things aren’t going to be easy for Larry – and that he will need to get himself in gear if he is serious about saving his life.

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers
My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers/YouTube

Where is My 600-lb Life Star Today?

As My 600-lb Life viewers know, TLC documents patients and their weight-loss journeys over the course of a year. And with Larry’s journey on Discovery Plus – and soon to hit the airwaves on TLC, many watchers want to know how Larry is doing since filming his episode.

It turns out Larry Myers is only down to 529 pounds by the end of his My 600-lb Life episode. And while that’s a 119-pound improvement from when he first started in Houston, that’s still short of the goal Dr Now wanted him to reach before approving him for weight-loss surgery.

Meanwhile, even though Larry Myers doesn’t reach his goal by the end of his My 600-lb Life episode, Dr Now tells him that if he is able to lose another 55 pounds, he will get the green light for weight-loss surgery. And as of this writing, it looks like he knocked those weight loss numbers out of the park.

Even though Larry Myers hasn’t updated his followers on his weight in terms of actual numbers on a scale, a picture from March 2020 reveals a drastically different Larry than the one watchers see on the show. Based on the photo alone, you can see the structure in his face – free from all the excess weight he dropped. Meanwhile, if this is true and the pic is as recent as the upload date indicates, Larry Myers took the good doctor’s advice and literally ran with it – all the way to the finish line.

My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers
My 600-lb Life: Larry Myers/Facebook

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  1. When I started watching Larry’s journey my heart was/is with him. Having this site fall in my timeline and seeing Larry’s journey is a WONDERFULL feeling. Stay well Larry, watch your diet. I knew watching him with his weight I knew there was a HANDSOME man. Good luck in your life forward and never forget the past. Stay strong… HANDSOME

    Love, your fan
    Carol W


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