‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Kicks Kody to the Curb on National Television

Sister Wives Season 16 brings plenty of drama to the show. And spoilers for the season finale tease the moment viewers have been waiting for all season – Christine Brown getting out of dodge and leaving Kody behind for good. Meanwhile, with Christine Brown recently in Flagstaff, viewers have been wondering if she’s filming another season.

Sister Wives: Fans See Kody Brown’s Family Fracturing

In Season 16 of Sister Wives, fans applaud Christine – who had enough of Kody. Meanwhile, Christine seemed bitterly disappointed as Robyn and Kody pretty much are the only ones left with a functional family. But, many Sister Wives fans don’t blame her for not being interested in developing the property on Coyote Pass. After all, who wants to look across the yard and see Robyn and Kody playing house? Especially after Kody revealed he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with Christine.

Interestingly, Robyn denies that she wants Kody to herself. In fact, she claimed in a recent episode that Kody is too much work – adding that he’s always “unhappy”, and that puts strain on their relationship. But many Sister Wives fans don’t believe her. Meanwhile, the fractured Sister Wives family in Season 16 leads many viewers to believe that the show could be nearing its end. However, based on the latest news, it looks like there’s plenty more in the tank in terms of future episodes.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Meri Brown – Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Janelle Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives Season 16 Finale: Christine Brown Finally Breaks Free of Kody

Back in November 2021, Christine Brown broke her silence – saying that she and Kody Brown were officially going their separate ways. Meanwhile, this was a major spoiler for Season 16 of the show. And after more than two decades together, it was a big change for the entire family.

Meanwhile, even though Christine leaving Kody was a huge spoiler for the currently-airing season, Sister Wives viewers have yet to see the end play out on television. And that’s exactly what TLC spoilers tease for the Season 16 finale. So that’s going to be a big draw for this season-ender.

In the Sister Wives spoiler clip, Kody Brown notices a lot of his things boxed up at Christine’s place. Meanwhile, Kody tells the camera in the teaser that he has been “moved out” of his house. Christine adds that she can “take a breath” and get herself “grounded” without Kody sleeping in the home any longer.

And based on the Sister Wives Season 16 teaser clip, you can practically see the weight lift off of Christine’s shoulders – while Kody has the opposite reaction. The Brown family patriarch chokes up, saying that he doesn’t know how he feels about seeing all his things packed up – and what it means for his future with Christine.

Christine Brown Living Her Best Life

During the Sister Wives Season 16 finale, viewers get to see Christine officially kick Kody to the curb and begin the next phase of her life after two decades as a sister wife. Meanwhile, one of the questions viewers have is what life is like for Christine now – and whether or not she would still film future episodes.

And based on the latest tea, it doesn’t look like Sister Wives fans have seen the last of Christine Brown on the TLC show. Recently, on social media, Christine’s son Paedon spilled the beans on what the future has in store for his mother now that she and Kody are no longer together.

According to Paedon, not only will there be a Sister Wives Season 17, but his mother will also feature in future episodes. So, that’s certainly good news for her fans. And in the meantime, it looks like Christine is living her best life since ditching Kody.

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