‘My 600-lb Life’: Octavia Nichelle – Where is She Now?

My 600-lb Life viewers may remember Octavia Nichelle from her time on the TLC show with Dr Younan Nowzaradan. But how is she doing with her weight-loss journey since filming wrapped on her episode?

My 600-lb Life: Octavia Nichelle’s TLC Journey

As My 600-lb Life watchers know, the beginning of every new episode features cast members at their absolute worst. And even though each story is unique, there are a lot of similarities across the board – with celebs turning to food to cope with past trauma and other hardships life throws at them.

In Octavia Nichelle’s Season 7 My 600-lb Life episode, she was in dire need of intervention by the time TLC cameras caught up with her. At the start of her episode, Octavia was bedridden – and she weighed in at 692 pounds by the time she made it to Dr Now’s office in Houston.

My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan
My 600-lb Life: Dr Younan Nowzaradan/YouTube

TLC Celeb Had Her Work Cut Out for Her

As My 600-lb Life watchers know, getting on the show and making it to Dr Nowzaradan is only the first step. After that, it’s up to his patients to work on themselves and commit to his program if they want to see lasting changes for the rest of their lives. And in many cases, seeing Dr Now is the last hope people have to turn their lives around.

Meanwhile, there were a lot of hurdles for Octavia Nichelle on her episode of My 600-lb Life, even after she was under care in Houston. Octavia missed appointments and went off her diet – gaining a lot of weight back. Meanwhile, it certainly looked like Octavia could be a lost cause at the rate she was going.

Certainly, Dr Now is no stranger to patients that fight back tooth and nail when he calls them out on their behaviors. And it was clear Octavia would need to do something drastic if she was serious about turning her life around and not going back to being bedridden.

My 600-lb Life: Octavia Nichelle
My 600-lb Life: Octavia Nichelle/Instagram

My 600-lb Life Celeb’s Shocking Transformation

Looking at Octavia Nichelle these days, most My 600-lb Life watchers would never guess that she was an uncooperative patient throughout much of her TLC episode. However, since her time filming, Octavia kicked things into gear in a major way – and she is unrecognizable now.

In August of 2021, Octavia Nichelle shared a before and after picture showcasing her amazing progress. And you can really see a difference when you compare both pictures. Sharing her before and after progress, Octavia told her My 600-lb Life followers that she “struggled” with sharing the before and after.

The My 600-lb Life TLC celeb said that she “cried” when taking the before picture – and she added that she didn’t want people to see her “like this”. But based on everything she has been through, she has certainly come out on the other side – and she is a happier, healthier person for it.

In her words, Octavia Nichelle said that “slow and steady wins the race” – and that’s indeed an accurate description of what her road to sustained weight loss has been like.

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