‘The Little Couple’: Jennifer Arnold Gives Fans a Glimmer of Hope for New Year?

The Little Couple had a successful run on TLC from 2009 to 2019. Meanwhile, viewers question when the show will return in the middle of this long show drought. Jennifer Arnold has been dropping hints for her followers for some time. But is there light at the end of the tunnel with the new year underway?

The Little Couple Hasn’t Been on the Air Since 2019

After a decade on the air, The Little Couple hasn’t had any new episodes in some time. And because of this, fans of Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will Klein, and Zoey Klein are beyond restless. And even though Jen updates her followers on social media, most fans agree that it’s not the same – especially when compared with a full season.

Meanwhile, as far as the network is concerned, TLC has neither canceled nor renewed the popular show – leaving viewers in limbo. Over the last few months, Jen has been seemingly leaving a trail of breadcrumbs hinting at a possible new season on the horizon. However, as of this writing, nothing has been made official.

The Little Couple: Will Klein - Bill Klein - Jennifer Arnold - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Will Klein – Bill Klein – Jennifer Arnold – Zoey Klein/YouTube

TLC Family Staying Busy

Without TLC cameras around documenting their every move, Jen, Bill, and their children have largely settled into regular, everyday life. Jen stays busy with her job at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, and Bill has his hands full as an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Will and Zoey get to enjoy their adolescence – as they’ve grown a lot since viewers last saw them on television.

Right before the new year, the entire The Little Couple family took a trip to Disney World. Certainly, it was a fun time for everyone – not just the kids. And for many of Jen Arnold’s TLC followers, it was a treat to see the whole family enjoying themselves at the place where dreams are made. Meanwhile, at the time, Jen said she had news to share about their future after the trip. And many watchers wondered if that could mean a return to television soon.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Bill Klein - Will Klein - Zoey Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Bill Klein – Will Klein – Zoey Klein/Instagram

New Year Post Gives The Little Couple Fans Hope?

On social media recently, Jennifer Arnold has been sharing a lot of her old photos with an “artsy” filter. Meanwhile, it’s a picture she shared of Will that has a lot of The Little Couple followers talking. In particular, Jen’s recent hashtags are drawing a lot of attention.

In the caption of her recent social media update, Jennifer Arnold told her The Little Couple fans that she has been “quiet” while “reflecting” on the new year. In addition, Bill Klein’s wife said that she is “looking forward” to the new year. Meanwhile, she included hashtags like “more to come” and “change is good” – possibly hinting that new episodes may be on the way in 2022.

Of course, Jen Arnold has been teasing fans for some time now with the prospect of new episodes – and as of this writing, nothing is concrete. But, if nothing else, there’s certainly a chance that 2022 might be the year that The Little Couple family comes back – and many viewers still hold out hope that the fan-favorite family will return after such a lengthy hiatus.

The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold - Will Klein
The Little Couple: Jennifer Arnold – Will Klein/Instagram

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