‘Sister Wives’: Who is Rebel Son Gabe Brown?

Sister Wives fans see a lot of Janelle’s son, Gabe Brown, in Season 16. In the past, he featured along with the other kids. And when they moved to Flagstaff, he seemed very unhappy. Currently, that trend continues as he’s not at all happy with his dad – and fans love that he stands up to Kody Brown’s COVID-19 rules. So what else do we know about him?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Takes Heat Over Her Sons

Currently, Sister Wives star Gabe Brown is a college student in Flagstaff. And, no longer a child, he is indeed coming of age. Meanwhile, as viewers know, his mom clashed with Kody because of his COVID-19 restrictions. And Gabe seems to take after his mother in that regard.

Back in Season 15, Kody got into it with Janelle because she would not ban Gabe and Garrison from going out. Well, they are not boys anymore, but fully grown men – and in Garrison’s case, he needed to get to work.

In the new season, Sister Wives fans see more of the same drama. Janelle clashes with Kody, as she doesn’t want to lock herself and her family away. Meanwhile, following his mother’s lead, Gabe spoke out, saying that Kody was “destroying” their family.

Not surprisingly, Kody didn’t take this well – and it seemed that Janelle had no choice but to back her kids. Now, TLC fans rave about Gabe for standing up to his father. But what else do we know about him?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown
Sister Wives: Janelle Brown/YouTube

What Do We Know About Gabe Brown?

As Sister Wives fans know, Gabriel “Gabe” Brown is Kody’s ninth child. Gabe’s immediate siblings include Logan, Hunter, Garrison, Maddie, and Savanah. Meanwhile, like many of his siblings, Gabe was born in Lehi, Utah.

As a kid, he accompanied his family to Las Vegas. Later, when Kody announced the news to reluctant Janelle that they would all move to Flagstaff, she was upset. In fact, she argued that it was unfair to relocate and leave all of Gabe’s friends behind. Meanwhile, Gabe didn’t take the news of the move well, either.

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown gave Gabe a dog to cheer him up when they arrived in Flagstaff. Meanwhile, he channeled his emotions into his studies and crammed over the summer to make it into college.

At the time, many Sister Wives fans assumed his motivation for working so hard was to get away from Kody Brown. And even though he still lives in Flagstaff, he seems to live away from his mom. Additionally, he has a girlfriend. So, in many ways, he seems to be doing his own thing.

Sister Wives: Gabe Brown
Sister Wives: Gabe Brown/Instagram

Janelle’s Sister Wives Son Loves the Wilderness

The young star from Sister Wives has social media. But, unlike some of his other siblings, he doesn’t share much. However, it’s clear that he loves the outdoors. And at one point in 2017, he enjoyed the natural scenery in Glacier National Park in Montana.

Meanwhile, based on the updates he shares, he is certainly an outdoorsman. And he seems to enjoy activities like camping and hiking. Sometimes, he goes out in nature with his dog. And in a recent caption of a photo out and about with his pooch, he wrote: “Thank god some dude 15,000 years ago decided to domesticate his dog”.

So despite the current feud with his dad, Kody, it’s clear Gabe is a free spirit – and that he is of the mind to do his own thing. Whether it’s growing out his hair or disregarding his father’s COVID-19 rules, he seems to have a mind of his own. And he doesn’t seem to mind taking a stand – even when it goes against his father and other family members.

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