‘Little People Big World’: Molly Roloff’s Impressive Net Worth Since Quitting the Show

Little People Big World has been a popular reality show since its debut back in 2006. Meanwhile, with many Roloff siblings quitting the show to live life away from the spotlight, many viewers wonder what the rest of Amy and Matt’s kids are up to these days.

Little People Big World: Molly Roloff Quit TLC Show

Matt and Amy Roloff’s Little People Big World children were young when their reality show premiered on TLC. And even though Zach still films episodes with his wife Tori and their young children, the rest of his siblings ditched the show to live more private lives away from the limelight.

Meanwhile, one of those siblings that quit Little People Big World to pursue her own goals is Molly Roloff. Molly was just 12 when the first LPBW season filmed. And it didn’t take her long to want to do her own thing away from all the cameras and the limelight – even though she has made some appearances since initially leaving for college in 2012.

Little People Big World: Roloff Family
Little People Big World: Roloff Family/YouTube

Roloff Daughter Successful on Her Own

How much Little People Big World cast members make from the TLC show is a regular topic of conversation among TLC fans. Meanwhile, despite leaving the cameras and network money behind, Molly Roloff is successful in her own right. And while it may not hurt to have the exposure that her family has, she has largely made it on her own – and racked up an impressive net worth to boot.

Molly Roloff lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Joel Silvius. And, even though the former Little People Big World star rarely makes appearances, she and her husband aren’t too far away from her parents or Roloff Farms in Oregon. So it’s certainly the perfect combination of being far enough away, but not too far at the same time.

Little People Big World: Roloff Family
Little People Big World: Roloff Family/

Former Little People Big World Star’s Impressive Net Worth

Because Molly Roloff decided to live her life away from the Little People Big World spotlight, it’s not surprising that she keeps her social media private. And when she is not busy enjoying life with her husband, Molly stays busy as a Senior Accountant – External Reporting at Nordstrom.

In addition, according to Celebrity Net Worth, the former TLC star has an impressive net worth of $700k. So even without relying on TLC exposure to boost her brand or open the door to other opportunities, Molly Roloff has done quite well for herself. Certainly, she seems to have no regrets about stepping away from the television spotlight. And based on her success, she hasn’t missed a step since deciding to forge her own path.

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