‘Little People Big World’: Matt Roloff Confirms New Season Ahead?

Little People Big World celeb Matt Roloff recently dropped a major hint about the future of the beloved TLC franchise. So what did he reveal?

Little People Big World a Long-Running Series for TLC

TLC is a network known for many household names in terms of show franchises. Between shows like 90 Day Fiance, Sister Wives, and 1000-lb Sisters, the network more or less has a monopoly on some of the most popular reality shows on the air today.

Meanwhile, that wasn’t quite the case when Little People Big World first premiered back in 2006. Of course, these days, LPBW is one of the longest-running reality television franchises. Viewers have watched the Roloff children grow up and start their own families. And with Season 22 ending in August 2021, many watchers are curious about the future of the popular franchise.

Little People Big World: Roloff Family
Little People Big World: Roloff Family/YouTube

Matt Roloff Confirms New LPBW Season?

Since things wrapped on Little People Big World Season 22, viewers have been curious about when (and if) a new season would be back on the air. Meanwhile, whether it was intentional to pique viewer interest or an accidental slip of the tongue, it seems Matt Roloff recently let the cat out of the bag.

Speaking to his Little People Big World fanbase on social media, Matt finally gave viewers hope in terms of what they can expect from the TLC family. A viewer commented that they hope to see everyone return for new episodes soon. And in reply, Matt said: “U will”.

Following the ending of Little People Big World Season 22, viewers saw Amy Roloff’s wedding special with Chris Marek. But since then, there has been nothing new in terms of brand new episodes. So, this latest confirmation of more to come is certainly welcome news from Matt Roloff.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff
Little People Big World: Matt Roloff/YouTube

Big News from Little People Big World Patriarch

As Little People Big World fans keeping up with this family know, Amy Roloff said previously that she and Chris Marek signed up for “two more seasons” of the show. At the time, she didn’t specify when a new season would come. And this time around, Matt Roloff didn’t get into any specifics, either.

But, with both Amy and now Matt confirming that there would be more episodes to come, that’s certainly good news for all the fans they’ve accumulated since their show first premiered on TLC. As a bonus, both Zach and Tori Roloff said they’d be interested in filming more episodes as well. So, this is good news all around.

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