’90 Day Fiance’: Rachel & Jon Walters Big Day Has Finally Come

90 Day Fiance fans following Rachel Walters and Jon Walters’ story know that they’ve been apart for years – with Jon in England and Rachel in America. Meanwhile, after years in the making, a special day is finally here for the duo.

90 Day Fiance: Long Journey for Rachel Walters & Jon Walters

For 90 Day Fiance watchers keeping up with this couple’s journey from the very beginning, it has been a long one. Rachel and Jon were first featured in TLC episodes when the pair’s storyline premiered on Season 2 of Before the 90 Days. Back then, Rachel traveled across the pond to be with Jon. And they’ve kept their relationship going long-distance ever since.

Things got more complicated for the 90 Day Fiance pair with Jon Walters’ K1 visa status up in the air. Meanwhile, the TLC pair’s plans to reunite got put on hold due to the global pandemic. And many viewers wondered when they’d be able to see one another again after maintaining a long-distance marriage.

90 Day Fiance: Rachel Walters - Jon Walters
90 Day Fiance: Rachel Walters – Jon Walters/YouTube

Long-Awaited Reunion for the TLC Pair

With such a long wait for the 90 Day Fiance couple, Rachel Walters finally had some good news to share with her TLC followers. The TLC star shared a short clip at the airport with her daughter, saying that the pair are “on the way” to England. Meanwhile, having been over two years since Rachel’s last reunion with Jon, this flight across the pond is certainly long overdue.

It’s no secret that many 90 Day Fiance viewers aren’t fans of Jon Walters. Certainly, he is outspoken and tends to say what’s on his mind. And while some viewers like that about him, others don’t. But, even though there are a lot of mixed feelings about Jon, many viewers are glad that his relationship with Rachel is still going strong.

While on her way to England to see her man, Rachel shared another short clip with her 90 Day Fiance followers from inside the plane she’s on. And the American woman added that she and her daughter were “One plane down” with “ONE to go” – so it won’t be long until she and Jon are together again.

90 Day Fiance: Rachel Walters
90 Day Fiance: Rachel Walters

What’s Next for 90 Day Fiance Couple?

As 90 Day Fiance watchers know, carrying on a long-distance marriage has become the norm for Rachel Walters and Jon Walters. Meanwhile, other than sharing her excitement about finally being able to see Jon in his home country, Rachel didn’t say anything about his visa process or any plans to have a follow-up trip.

But from the looks of it, Rachel is excited to see Jon after spending two years apart. And no matter what else the future has in store for them, many fans are glad that they’ll be able to spend time in person together after such a long hiatus.

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  1. God bless you both! I wish you both the best. I just watched the B 90 season 2 and you both made me cry and I pray only the best for ALL of you!!


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