‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shades Kody in Latest Update?

Sister Wives Season 16 showcases Kody Brown’s bad behavior – and Christine Brown is over him. She left him in real-time and spoiled the season ahead of its premiere. But, even with that huge spoiler, the TLC show still delivers plenty of drama. Meanwhile, following the most recent episode, Christine threw some subtle shade at Kody – and Sister Wives fans were quick to jump on it.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Impossible in Season 16?

While Meri Brown seems desperate for Kody in her life, she’s seemingly the only one these days. Kody upset Janelle with his arrogant attitude. Then, he annoyed Robyn because he stays with her all the time, and he seems very unhappy.

Meanwhile, Christine said that she finds more joy in life when he’s not around. As he rejects Meri, some Sister Wives fans hope they all leave and abandon him to Meri – the one wife he doesn’t seem to want in his life.

Sister Wives Season 16 sees Kody clashing with Janelle’s kids over his social distancing rules. And, in the last episode, she told him to “F-off”, and many fans were delighted. TLC fans also saw him whine about his Christmas presents. Certainly, Kody Brown seems to want everything his way, and there appears to be no room for democracy in his little kingdom. Moreover, when he’s not being selfish, he seems petulant and bitter, according to many fans.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown/YouTube

Christine Brown Throws Shade at Kody?

In Sister Wives episodes, viewers see Kody talking about Christmas gifts. He complains that he always gets a nutcracker. However, he doesn’t want a lot of them.

Meanwhile, keeping that nutcracker theme in mind, Christine Brown seemingly threw shade at Kody recently. Christine shared a pic of a nutcracker item with her followers on social media. And in her caption, she thanked Sister Wives watchers for sending her an “adorable nutcracker bottle”.

Meanwhile, even though Christine Brown loved the gift from her followers, many viewers read deeper into it – seeing her recent acknowledgment as throwing shade at Kody Brown.

Blogger Katie Joy wrote about the Sister Wives shade, saying: “On Sunday Night, Kody Brown was talking about gifts for holidays. He mentioned that he likes nutcrackers but doesn’t want a nutcracker for every single present”. Katie Joy went on, saying: “Christine runs to her group and is all – hold that nutcracker, I’m grateful for the one I was given”.

Whether or not Sister Wives fans read deeper into Christine Brown’s latest message, many viewers agree that the shade is there – however subtle or not so subtle it may be.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Meri Brown – Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Janelle Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives Fans Weigh In

As viewers know, the majority of fans aren’t fans of Kody Brown. So, naturally, they reacted to the subtle shade as one might expect.

One fan noted that Kody “didn’t complain about the million precious moments figurines Robyn has”. Meanwhile, another viewer chimed in, saying that Kody “should be grateful” for anything he gets.

Meanwhile, whatever viewers think of Kody Brown, the one thing most can agree on is that they’re glad Christine Brown left him – and that she is doing her own thing on her terms.

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