‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Driving Robyn Away Too?

Sister Wives fans blame Robyn Brown for chasing the other wives away from Kody. And as viewers know, he spends almost all of his time with her and leaves the other wives to their own devices.

Some TLC critics believe that his only official wife would be happy if all of them took off, as Christine did. Meanwhile, Robyn recently said she never “signed up for monogamy.” So does she want her freedom too?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Tired of Kody at Home?

Most Sister Wives fans can’t wrap their heads around Meri Brown. When she agreed to divorce Kody so he could marry Robyn, she acted like she was thrilled about it. However, shortly after, she found herself in a relationship with a catfish.

Nowadays, she seems to hang around, grateful for the slightest bit of attention from her loveless ex-husband. Meanwhile, when Robyn speaks about Kody hanging around her too much in a teaser, Meri tells Robyn that if she’s tired of Kody, she could send him her way.

Sister Wives fans firmly believe that Robyn Brown uses the global pandemic to assert control over Kody Brown and the other wives. In Season 16, even Janelle, forever faithful in her own way, grows frustrated with the situation. And yet, Robyn talks as though she’s tired of Kody spending so much time at home with her.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown/YouTube

Robyn Brown Says She Didn’t Want Monogamy?

In a recent Sister Wives teaser, Robyn Brown talks about how the other wives probably think she wants to keep Kody to herself. Meanwhile, even though many TLC fans believe this to be true, she completely denies it.

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown says that in all the time she has been married to Kody Brown, he visited her “once or twice a week”. But, because of the pandemic, he is now around her “constantly”.

Meanwhile, the Sister Wives wife goes on to say that she “never signed up for monogamy.” Plus, since Kody is with her seemingly all the time these days, she doesn’t get a break like the other wives do.

As far as Robyn Brown is concerned, things are “a challenge” in their relationship. In addition, the least popular wife says that she could have been “happy” in a typical marriage. But, she chose a life where the guy doesn’t get in her face every single day.

Do Sister Wives Fans Believe Robyn?

Sister Wives are seemingly deadset against Robyn Brown these days. So much so that many viewers don’t believe anything she says. Meanwhile, in light of her recent claim that she’s tired of being around Kody all the time, many viewers think she now regrets manipulating him away from the other wives.

Either way, the vast majority of Sister Wives watchers slam Robyn Brown. One fan wrote: “Don’t believe ya MRS KODY BROWN!!” Then, another skeptic commented: “Hey Pinocchio, your nose is growing again”.

So, if nothing else, it’s safe to say that most Sister Wives watchers aren’t sympathetic toward Robyn Brown. And many agree that she should sleep in the bed she made with Kody – literally and figuratively.

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