Home Reality TV Love After Lockup ‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Davey Dead at 54 – What Happened?

‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Davey Dead at 54 – What Happened?

‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Davey Dead at 54 – What Happened?
Love After Lockup: Scott Davey

Love After Lockup OG cast member Scott Davey is dead at 54. Viewers remember him from his time on Season 1 of the flagship show with Lizzie Kommes – as well as spinoffs and more. So what happened?

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey’s Whirlwind Romance with Lizzie Kommes

Scott Davey first appeared on Season 1 of Love After Lockup with inmate love interest Lizzie Kommes. Even though Lizzie never hid the fact that she made money off of men while in prison, Scott believed things would be different between him and her. Meanwhile, he shelled out thousands of dollars on her – and many watchers called Lizzie out for using him.

In addition, their messy storyline continued on the WEtv spinoff. But, things ultimately ended between the pair – and they went through a very public split. Since that time, Lizzie moved on with other men. But, Scott struggled with a lot following his time on television, including battling addiction.

WEtv Star’s Life

According to Scott Davey’s obituary, he graduated high school in 1985 in Oxnard, California. Following that, he had a long career as a commercial truck driver – a job he did for nearly 30 years. As of this writing, his ex, Lizzie Kommes, hasn’t spoken publicly about his passing. But, either way, he is certainly missed by those closest to him – including his children.

As Starcasm notes, WEtv paid tribute to the Love After Lockup celeb following the airing of the network’s How to Date an Inmate special. And, it turns out, Lizzie Kommes’ former flame passed away not long after said special was filmed. Indeed, his death is a shock to many viewers.

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey
Love After Lockup: Scott Davey/YouTube

What Happened to Love After Lockup Celeb?

As Love After Lockup watchers keeping up with the cast know, Scott Davey passing away marks the third show cast member to do so in a relatively short time frame. Tracie Wagaman passed away in July 2021 – and fellow cast member Alla Subbotina lost her life a month later.

According to Scott Davey’s obituary, it doesn’t specify his cause of death. Some Love After Lockup watchers think it could be drug-related if he went back to some of his bad habits. But, as of right now, nothing is confirmed.

Certainly, viewers were critical of the Love After Lockup celeb during his time on the show. But, loss of life is always a sad thing – especially for those close to the WEtv star.

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