‘Sister Wives’: Fans Lose it Over Meri’s Bizarre Relationship with Kody

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to become more insufferable with each passing season, according to many fans. Because of this, many viewers don’t understand Meri Brown. Fans always believed that sooner or later, she would kick him to the curb and make a new life for herself.

However, unlike Christine, she seems to sit around hoping for him to notice her. Meanwhile, frustrated fans often vent about her lack of self-respect. And, to many viewers, the longer she hangs around, the more bizarre it seems.

Sister Wives: Fans Hate that Meri Brown Stays with Kody

With Kody supporting Robyn and complaining about the other wives, Sister Wives fans wish Janelle and Meri would follow Christine’s lead. Ahead of Season 16, Christine Brown announced that the pair formally split. Nowadays, she lives her best life in Utah as a single woman.

Meanwhile, Meri, who had every opportunity to do something similar, sticks it out instead. Puzzlement now turns to anger for many, and Sister Wives fans slam her for sticking around.

As viewers know, Sister Wives star Meri Brown likely felt the sting of Kody’s COVID-19 restrictions more than the other wives. After all, she lives alone and has no kids at home. Plus, Kody doesn’t stay over with her like he did when they were “man and wife”.

She obeyed all of his rules – hardly going anywhere. But then she cried and said that she really “misses” her family. Indeed, some fans were sympathetic. But, others criticized her.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives: Meri Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives Fans Slam Meri Brown on Post About Mosby

In the past, the occasional Sister Wives fan on social media would question Meri Brown about why she stays with Kody. Usually, her loyal fans would run them off. However, recently, a surprising number of people slammed her – and hardly anyone rushed to defend the TLC star. The comments came when she shared pics of Mosby – her daughter Mariah’s dog.

One irritated Sister Wives fan kickstarted the conversation, saying that Kody only “loves one wife” – Robyn. The fan added that there are “so many great men out there” and Meri Brown deserves “to be loved”.

Meanwhile, after this Sister Wives viewer jump-started the conversation, many others chimed in. One of them wrote that the way things are between Meri and Kody is “pathetic to watch”. And that it’s like “a dog sitting at the foot of the table waiting for scraps to fall”.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Mosby
Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Mosby

Bizarre Sister Wives Situation

Many fans agree that what Christine Brown did was a brave thing. And many thought that her breaking free of Kody would open the door for his other wives to do the same. Yet, Meri continues to hang around on the fringes.

In addition, many fans think it’s beyond fathomable why Meri Brown doesn’t get a life of her own. After all, she owns her own bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah, and is financially independent.

From the outside looking in, Meri has everything she needs to walk away and build a life of her own. But, at least for now, it seems like she plans to hang around.

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