‘Little People Big World’: How Much Does the Roloff Family Make Per Episode?

Little People Big World has been around for 22 seasons – an impressive feat from the Roloff clan and its several different branches as the Roloff children have families on their own. But, with such a lucrative and long-running franchise, how much does the family make per episode?

Little People Big World: 22 Seasons & Counting

Many viewers have watched the Roloff family prosper for all 22 seasons of their hit TLC show. And within that time, Matt and Amy have found love with others – and the Roloff children started families of their own. Certainly, a lot has happened since Season 1 of Little People Big World in March 2006.

Meanwhile, with shows canceled left and right, keeping public interest for 15 years is a remarkable achievement by itself – especially in the Reality TV arena. And, with new additions to the growing Roloff brood, there’s a lot going on to keep that interest alive and well.

Little People Big World: Roloff Family
Little People Big World: Roloff Family/YouTube

Not All Reality Paychecks Are Created Equal

As many Reality TV watchers know, not all shows are the same when it comes to the pay scale – even when they are on the same network. As an example, Before the 90 Days cast members can make as little as $500 – $1000 per episode, and that’s just for the American cast members, according to Radar Online.

Certainly, with very little money (or none at all for foreign cast members) to be made from 90 Day Fiance, it’s no wonder cast members rely on their social media following to cash in. And, in Stephanie Matto’s case, using her platform to make bank selling farts in jars.

When it comes to shows like 90 Day Fiance, the pay scale is certainly on the lower end. Meanwhile, on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe pull in a whopping $500k per episode. So, with all of this in mind, how much do the Roloffs pull in?

Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff - Lilah Roloff - Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff
Little People Big World: Jackson Roloff – Lilah Roloff – Tori Roloff – Zach Roloff/Instagram

Little People Big World: How Much Does the Roloff Family Make?

There aren’t any exact figures when it comes to Roloff salaries for Little People Big World. But there’s a lot of speculation and estimating regarding their potential pay. When you factor in things like the success of the show and how long it has been on the air, it’s not hard to imagine Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, and others pulling in as much as $10k per episode. And, when you factor in a 12-14 episode season, that’s considerably more than pocket change.

Meanwhile, in addition to the money TLC pays them for Little People Big World episodes, there’s also the Roloff brand they’ve built with their social followings and things like Roloff Farms. And as viewers know, Amy shares a lot of recipes and cooking videos – and sells things like her fudge as well.

In addition, Matt Roloff has a net worth of $6 million. Before having his own television show, Matt was a computer programmer in Silicon Valley in the 80s. Meanwhile, he even made appearances on television and in movies. And as many Little People Big World watchers know, he is also a published author and motivational speaker. Suffice it to say, Matt built several streams of income – and many members of his family do the same.

So, even though exact numbers may not be known as far as their paychecks go, it’s clear that the Roloffs have done well for themselves since their show premiered 15 years ago. And 22 seasons in, Little People Big World watchers are eager for more.

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