‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown More Arrogant than Usual – Fans Chime in

Sister Wives bonus scenes show that the current pandemic weighs heavily in Season 16. But by and large, TLC fans are sick of this angle. Meanwhile, a bonus scene on social media shows that Kody Brown feels very “bitter” about his wives – who hate all of his restrictions.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown & Kody Brown Clash Over COVID Rules

Recently, TLC fans saw that Janelle Brown posted about Hunter Brown returning for the Christmas holidays. Well, some fans wondered if she let him come home because she snubbed Kody’s rules about social distancing. But, she seems fed up with all of it. And as Sister Wives watchers know, in Season 15, she let the older boys come and go from the home against Kody’s wishes.

Sister Wives fans see that all of the wives, including Meri Brown, really miss the close-knit family that they used to be. While some fans think that Robyn’s behind it all, she pointed at Kody when someone asked her a question in a teaser. In fact, Kody’s rules include the family always wearing masks in public. Plus, they all have to wash and disinfect their hands. And he insists on everyone disinfecting groceries too. Even within the family, he insists that everyone sits separately during gatherings.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown
Sister Wives: Janelle Brown/YouTube

Kody Bitter Toward Reluctant Wives

In a Sister Wives bonus scene from TLC, Kody complains about his wives. Chatting with Janelle, she tells him that Maddie can’t come and visit – due to the pandemic and other factors. Meanwhile, Kody tells Janelle that he feels “jealous of people who aren’t maintaining any sort of standards” when it comes to social distancing.

The Sister Wives patriarch speaks in a confessional – ranting about his wives. He adds that he feels “bitter” because he’s “frustrated with the fight to get the family to become a team”, and for them to be on the same page when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID.

Meanwhile, Janelle doesn’t feel for him at all. In fact, she sasses back, saying: “To be honest, nobody is taking it to the level you are”.

Sister Wives Fans Weigh-in

Sister Wives fans seem unsympathetic toward Kody. One opined that his “ego” is “wounded” because no one wants to follow his rules. The viewer added that Kody Brown “needs to exert control to feel in charge”. Then, another Sister Wives fan noted that Kody and Robyn were spotted out in public without masks. Meanwhile, another fan wrote: “Time to leave Janelle. You’ve put up with enough from Kody. Even your children appear fed up”.

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